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The Rainbow Bridge

Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory
“There’s a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge is a verdant land of meadows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet passes, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. Old and ill and frail animals are made whole. They play all day with each other in the beautiful sunshine.

They are happy and content, but there is one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth. So, each day, they run and play until the day comes when suddenly, one stops playing and looks up! The nose twitches! The eyes are staring! And this one suddenly runs from the group!

You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her into your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated….”

Author Anonymous

Departed Loved Ones

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  1. Erin & Tom Pantelis permalink

    Athena, you were a gift to our family and we are grieving so.
    We love you, we’ll miss you, and we’ll watch over Leo for you.
    Always in our hearts. Forever. Dad, mom, Leo & Lauren

  2. My dearest Peanut,

    You came into my life nine and a half years ago and have been saving me ever since. I’m so sorry you were so sick, so quickly and that the doctors couldn’t help you. For whatever reason, it was your time to move onto kitty heaven yesterday. I cherish the time we spent together and want to celebrate you. You were always so calm and confident, and you passed peacefully. Please be Fluff’s guardian angel because he doesn’t know what to do without you, his brother, at home. I’m not so sure either, but I know you’re in my heart and watching down on us. I miss and love you, my little Peanut.
    Xo Momma

  3. Diana D permalink

    You’re in doggy heaven now, we miss you every day Snickers

  4. Carol.& Antonio Hernandezgarcia permalink

    Snoopy- doo , the day we watch you get born, was the best day of our life. There will never be another son like u . Your so Beautiful , Nice ,Very,Very Smart. Thank u for 4 1/2 wonderful years you gave us. We will see u again one day. H.A.H.L . ,, Have A Happy Life across the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven.11- 03- 11/04- 08- 16

  5. Kimberly Jones permalink

    Dear Jakey,
    You were beautiful, perfect and handsome…loved by everyone who met you. You gave us so much joy and fun and you will be greatly missed. Your brother Dudley is looking for you, but will find you when he goes to the rainbow bridge. We love you, miss you and are eternally grateful to have had you in our lives.
    Mom, Dad, Cameron, David, Randy and Jeff oxoxo

  6. Otillie & Nathan Dean permalink

    Our sweet Max, although feisty in nature, would have done anything to protect those he loved. We are lost without you and hope with time that we can find closure in losing you so suddenly. Although we wished we could keep you forever, it would have been selfish to keep you and allow you to suffer. We said goodbye out of love and wanting you to be free from pain. A void can never be filled in our lives until we meet with you at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you, Max, more then you could ever know.

  7. ROSE WARREN permalink

    I lost my 16 1/2 year old Siamese Cat, Milo, on Monday 27th April 2015, just a couple of days ago. It was a beautiful sunny day all day with no rain forecast but he spent all day in the vets 🙁 I went to collect him at 5.20pm only to be told I should not take him home. He was put to sleep around 5.45pm. We got home with him around 6pm. I had already bought a cardboard coffin as he was in ill health for some time prior. As a family we decorated it and wrote our heartfelt messages on it, we stroked and kissed Milo, he was still warm and soft. We we’re just about to carry him out to our garden where my husband had used his digger to dig a substantial grave when a shower of rain began, a gentle sprinkling, but we went out anyway. My husband jumped into the grave so he could carefully place Milo’s coffin inside. Another shower began, but a little heavier whilst the sun was shining and the warmth could be felt. We said our final goodbyes when the biggest brightest fully arched rainbow stretched from one side of our home and garden all the way to the other. My children thought it was ‘freaky’, I thought it was beautiful, my husband thought it was a sign. The next day I googled everything from ‘have I eauthanised my cat too soon’ to looking at photo’s of generic blue point Siamese cats to learning every detail about each one of his illnesses, torchering myself that maybe I should not have kept treating him and should’ve put him to rest earlier. There were many ‘signs’ and ‘acts’ and ‘coincidences’ that happened in the week prior to his passing that makes me feel there was some intervention and help from somewhere that bought us to where we were on Monday so we avoided any further treatment and suffering. I was completely trusting of my vets but feel very angry now, I can only take comfort knowing he is at peace now and he got so much love it was off the scale. I said sorry to him as he fell into eternal sleep in my arms so he knew I would never have caused him prologned pain on purpose, I was led by the vets professional opinion. I came across a saying called the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, I was overwhelmed. Rainbows are so few and fair between but we have to perhaps put this down to coincidence and being low odds to happen even though it did. I have some lovely photo’s of the rainbow and Milo’s grave that was just about to be filled in. I take great comfort in his beautiful burial and hope that maybe the Rainbow Bridge is in fact real and the real bright rainbow I saw was a sign to encourage a belief that something special awaits all of us. I just hope beyond hope that if there is anyone I could ever see again I would choose Milo and only Milo. I love him and miss him like crazy and cry endlessly as the empty space and loneliness left behind. I love you Milo and hope you are in a beautiful place – please if there is a GOD, we will meet again and I will hold you in my arms like I always used to x x
    (photo shows the rainbow as we were doing a small service and burial in our garden for Milo) – and of course a photo of my bestest friend in the whole world, beautiful Milo himself x x x

  8. Melissa Micalizzi permalink

    Licorice 1996-2014

    Daddy and I love you with all our hearts and soul! There isn’t a day that goes by that we do not think about you! Your sister Spitfire has been looking for you and meowing at the couch. I having you curl up next to me and daddy and hearing you purr until you were in a deep sleep. You were the best cat in the world. I grew up with you, you were my baby. I know you are happy and pain free. I know Mom and Dad are taking great care of you in Heaven. May you rest in peace. <3

  9. Faith McCormack permalink

    We love you Suzie. Run free with your brother Scout!

  10. Kevin P permalink

    Kaddie we all miss you and love you so much. You are the best girl we ever had. I can’t wait to see you at the rainbow bridge with Codie and Tessie . Tell God we will be their to get you and the other girls. Can’t wait to get a big kiss from you and hug you and the others.
    We love you Dad ,Mom ,Britt and pat

  11. Perla permalink

    Pepsi, I just want to say I’m sorry i couldn’t save you I’m sorry that mommy wasnt there when u needed me. I love you so much. Daddy misses you soo much as well…. You have made my life so much easier when I was sad all I would do is pick you up and give you kisses. Mami mommy misses you with all my heart… You will always have my heart baby girl forever.. MAMIS AND DADDYS BABY!! 6.28.06 – 10.9.13

  12. Sheila Stokowski permalink

    Molly, you were so special to us. Time does not diminish the hole you left when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes late at night, Ty and Cleo look up at the ceiling and just stare…are you paying us a little visit? I hope so! Some say torties tend to be aloof, but I didn”t find that about you. You always wanted me to pick you up and carry you over my shoulder; anywhere and everywhere! I’ll always remember that along with many other endearments…Forget Me Not took excellent care of you and I still have you with us; just in a different form.

    Pretty soon, Cleo will be joining you in Cat heaven…She’s old and becoming unwell, so I guess her time is drawing near. Maybe in the afterlife, you two will become besties! Cleo would love that…

    Rest in peace my baby and know that for 18 years you were loved very much!

    Mommy, Papa and Kristen

  13. steph lima permalink

    My Dearest Gucci,

    You helped me get better and in return i wished i could have saved you. I am hurt and broken in so many pieces. I am thankful you were in my arm when it happened but angry that i was not able to do more. My heart is empty without you. I miss you so much. Your’ve been my life, my blood, my friend, my family. Nobody could ever replace you. My grandmother will keep you safe until i come to be with you forever. I love you forever Gucci.. Wait for me……..

  14. Eugenie permalink

    Dear Tinker,
    Rest in peace my handsome boy. We will NEVER forget you.

  15. Kris Faucher permalink

    Letting you go was one of the most hardest decision I had to make. You always made me laugh and showed us your unconditional love, I could not let you suffer for the sake of my feelings. There has’nt been a day that we have not thought about you, I can sometimes hear that “beagle” bark of yours, even though you are not here. I’m sure you are up there with Bear and Sadie and Mom, Nana and Grampa and they are loving you as much as we do. May you run those fields chasing those rabbits. Remember though, rabbits are not black with a white stripe running down there backs. Never forget how much we love you.

  16. Danielle P. permalink


    We all love and miss you so much. It has been a hard two days here. Not having out late night potty calls, diaper changes, whining for half our dinner, and not buying all the hot dogs at the grocery store have been very hard today. You are very missed by so many, including Mike! and as mush as it hurts, I know you are in a better place after the week you had. You have given us almost 18 years of great memories. One strong girl you were! You will never be able to be replaced by any other. Puff, were/are the most precious little girl in the world, and one day we will all meet again.

    Love you very much,

    P.S. The turkeys said HELLO this morning 🙂

  17. Marquelle permalink

    Roxy, I still can’t believe you’re gone. It was way too soon and without warning. I can only wish I could have done something to help you but you never showed that anything was wrong. I spent time with you every single day and you never failed to make me smile. I guess I am glad that my last moments with you were completely normal and playful, and that I told you that I loved you. But I wish I had known that was the last time I was going to hold you before you left. I miss you so very much and I think of you every day. You left a Roxy shaped hole in my heart and took a piece of my soul with you. Play well, run free, and sleep tight. Mummy loves you. xxxx

  18. Devi Weems permalink

    To Ma–Ma’s beautiful boy, Bandit:

    Never before have I loved like I loved you and love you still. It broke my heart to lose you, especially so soon. You were the bright spot in EVERY one of my days and I miss you so much……I will always remember you, love you and miss you….and you will ALWAYS be Ma-Ma’s one and only beautiful boy!! There is no other like you, nor will there ever be. You were Ma-Ma’s heart in life–and in death, you still are. Ma-Ma’s heart is just no longer beating since yours is still. Rest Well, my Angel! I’ll see you soon!!

  19. Jen permalink

    Trouble you are so greatly missed. I know you are not suffering anymore. You and popeye are finally together again. We love you and miss you so much. I am sure you are playing with popeye right now and so happy. You both were very loyal loving dogs!! RIP Trouble March 1999- April 20, 2012.

  20. Anita permalink

    Ariel, I’m so sorry that you suffered before your trip across Rainbow Bridge to get to Rainbow Fields. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you passed on. Just remember that I loved you so much and always will. You will always be “mama’s girl”. Johnny misses you too. I hope you are with Nikky who passed before you…..and Ziggy too. I love you all! You were a beautiful kitty and forever will be. You are always in my heart and mind……..forever.
    Love, Mommy

    R.I.P Ariel 03/01/1994-04/10/2011

  21. Maggee H permalink

    Nantucket, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you when you decided it was time to leave me. I hope that you didn’t have any pain and that you are in this place of fun, happiness and freedom! Please know that I love you and will always remember you as my favorite and first pet. You gave me something to come home to, something to care about, and something to dote over while always giving me unconditional love! I miss you Handsome boy,

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