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Remember Your Pet


We encourage you to submit stories of your departed pets.  We’ll review and post some of these Remembrances in the future.




  1. Sandhya permalink

    My cat was 18 years she was such a beautiful girl she was all white. She would know when everyone was home because she would mewo mewo at the door. She was healthy until the end. I want her too know wherever she is l miss my angel and I can’t wait till I see my angel and I want her too know that I will always love her and her mom and dad and her brother and her sister and also our other pets miss her. Her nickname was mama. I nicknamed her that I want her too know that I’m thankful for getting too know her. My heart/ and thoughts are always gonna be with u. U left a void in my heart.

  2. Paula permalink

    My beloved Mr. Knightley passed away last night unexpectedly. He was an athlete, adventurer, and hunter the likes of which I have never seen–and also an incredibly sweet and gentle cat, with a playful and joyful nature. He was vibrant and glowing with health all his life. I’m happy to say that he was out enjoying his life up until the day he died…and that he lived an amazingly rich, varied, and freedom-filled life for 12 very happy years. There will never be another cat like him. Thank you, Mr. Knightley, for being the most beautiful, spirited, amazing cat who ever lived–and for being my son.

  3. Melanie permalink

    It’s been 4 days since I lost my dog Sandy my best friend and companion of 15 years. My heart aches for her, she was such an important part of our lives. She will forever be in my memory and I will miss her forever. May she rest in peace, no longer in pain. Forever loved. Mama

  4. steve andrews permalink

    i lost my best friend of 13 years , patches today. he was a black

    and white domestic shorthair cat. he woke me every morning and

    sat on my computer table im typing on now. there is a void in my

    life and a hole in my heart. waking up knowing he’s not here will

    be unbearable. tthis happened 40 min ago. my good cat lady

    friend is buying an urn and having his ashes brought to me

    in somerville. she knows one of the owners of forget me not who i heard

    just passed. sad. the founder of forget me not will continue run things now i guess

    patches my good buddy may you rest in peace your in kitty heaven.

    steve karen

  5. Christine permalink

    This is Aaron (grey) & Moses (black) They are brothers and were members of our family for the past 13 years. Aaron had an extremely aggressive cancer and Moses we believe died of a broken heart. They died exactly 14 days apart after valiant efforts by our Veterinarian & his staff. Their loss was devastating, and we miss them every day. The care that was taken with their cremains was not only obvious, but comforting. Thank you Forget me Not.

  6. Stephanie Fura permalink

    Peaches, my beautiful angel, came to us at only 2 months old. From the first day, she was my baby. I never had family growing up so it was my parents, brothers, and her. She was the best. She always knew when I was feeling down. She passed away on Wednesday at the age of 15 due to breast cancer. I am beyond devastated. She is literally the best friend ive ever had. People who dont have Pets do not understand that pets are part of the family. Peaches I miss you and love you so much. I know you are healthy and no longer in pain. Hope you get to eat a ton of tuna up there. I love you princess.

  7. Gena Mitchell permalink

    losing a cherished Pet is losing a family member. Henry was an amazing cockapoo with many nick names ,fuzzy, fuz bear, he was a special dog, the first family pet. Amanda’s best friend. I remember bringing him home the first day he looked like a mini teddy bear. All of the neighborhood kids loved him. He was so easy going and such a loyal companion. I remember having to get him in to the house yelling “bacon” it was the only way he would come in. Unfortunately health issues arise and we must take comfort in knowing we took great care of our fur baby and he had a happy spoiled life. Rest in peace Henry (fuzzy). We love you for eternity. Rest easy handsome.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    I miss my kitten Sonya. She died when she was only one month and a half old. She was very playful. My first cat ever to be my pet. One night, I woke up because I heard my family crying. Sonya was breathing her last breaths. I don’t know what happened as she was in my mother’s arms she passed away. We keep on crying for her but we bought another cat. However, she couldn’t match Sonya and nobody really wanted to hang out with her so we gave her away and here I am writing this story. I miss Sonya so much but from what I heard I know that I’ll meet her on the rainbow bridge in heaven.

  9. Lesley permalink

    Our family can’t thank you enough for the generosity and kindness u have provided to us. Our father sadly passed In a car accident, and u kindly cremated his love of his life “princess” for no charge! This was our dads wishes, to have princess buried with him when he passed. Princess was 17 and lived a life of luxury with our dad. She was literally treated like a “princess”
    Thank you so very much!

  10. Erika Jones permalink

    After a month long struggle to get healthy after a kidney infection my beautiful cat Honey passed away today. She was with me for 15 years and I loved her every minute. She loved to hunt during the day and cuddle with me at night when I watched TV. She was the sweetest littlest love of my life and I will always miss her.

    I hope you’re at peace and happy now Honey. I already miss you dearly.

  11. Nicole Loader permalink

    Kubrick you will forever be Mumma’s favorite big boy! Nothing helps ease this pain I just can’t believe he is gone it happened so fast. One day he was here and the next he was in full cardiac arrest! I never thought it would hurt this much but I know he is not in any more pain or discomfort and after Tufts gave him such a good prognosis… he was just faking it long enough to come home and pass with us in his house! I love you forever Kubrick “Kooby Doo” Stanley Brooks! I miss you every day and I will never have another dog like you! Energy doesn’t die and I know I feel you sometimes! Keyser (the middle dog) looks for you every day! (Kubrick is on the left…

  12. Lunar permalink

    Pacer did not return. He is gone one week. This cat was a dog. He followed us. Played with us. He was a real joiner of family activities. No cat in the future will be the same to me. Pacer showed up in our lives in December. He adopted us non-cat people. We were unable to protect him properly. We love him and want an angel to watch over his next adventures. May he find a safer home than ours was. May he live much longer. Pacer you are always welcome back. Maybe we can find a way to keep you safer another time.

  13. Suzanne Rothchild permalink

    On 04/07/2016 I set my red-headed butterfly free. Dale Evans was not supposed to leave me so soon, only 8 1/2 yrs old. Papillons live longer than that, I know because I have been owned by a papillon (or 2) since 1960. Dale hated the leash, loved to lie in bed, loved to give feet and toes tongue baths. She slept on my stomach, and for her I learned to sleep on my back instead of my side, because she would fall off of my hip when she rolled over in her sleep.
    She had always had a finicky GI tract, presumably from an infection that she had prior to coming to live with me at age 1 yr. She had some symptoms, no tenderness anywhere,nothing unusual. Then she refused to eat treats, very unusual.
    I took her in to Mass Vet Referral Hosp. Labs were awful, abdominal ultrasound showed a small mass eating thru the gut wall, air in her tummy where there should have been no air. Chance of surviving surgery & ICU stay <20% because highly likely that she had fecal contamination in her core. Rather than put her through all that, I set her free, free to fly across the Rainbow Bridge, free to wait for me without pain. I love you.and miss you.

  14. Ross permalink

    RIP Tyler. Thank you for 8 wonderful years. I miss you and will never forget you. Wherever you are, I hope you carrying huge sticks and making people laugh. You made quite a name for yourself around here! Everyone keeps asking where you are 🙁 Always thinking of you.

  15. Ruth Duncan permalink

    Sweet Daphne came to me as a foster at 15 years old. Her previous owner had died, and she and her brothers (Fraser & Niles) were surrendered to the Merrimac River Feline Rescue Society in Salisbury MA. It wasn’t long before I knew I could never let someone else adopt Daphne; she was going to live out her remaining years with me.

    I had previously lost my beautiful baby, Siouxsie, just four months prior. Siouxsie had been with me from 3 months until she passed away from bladder cancer at 23 years old. No other kitty can ever replace her, but Daphne was also very, very loved.

    RIP, sweet Daphne. I hope you find Siouxsie and catch her up on all that’s been happening the last 5 years since she left. I hope I see you both again some day at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Attached pics: Siouxsie is the calico and Daphne is the “tiger” look kitty.

  16. Regina permalink

    Checkers (August 22, 2011 – December 11,2015)
    My husband got checkers when he was only eight weeks old. Checkers hated me but he loved my husband. Checkers became friends with my daughter when she started to walk and they were a year apart and checkers was older. Everyday my daughter still asks about him. Checkers had skin cancer. My daughter is three and she says my cat checkers is gone and he lives in a pretty handsome wooden box.

  17. Kerry permalink

    Harry was a big fluffy Maine Coon who was sweet, loving and afraid of his own shadow. We adopted him at the estimated age of 2. We had him for only 5 years when we learned he had a devastating, aggressive and untreatable cancer. 5 weeks later we had to make The Most Heart-wrenching Decision no pet owner should ever have to make. He was my Big Fluffy Baby Boy and I miss him so. WE miss him so!! He is now running amuck with his loving predecessors, Fenwick, Pickwick, Chadwick, and our little Bella. We miss them all so deeply. They all took with them a big chunk of our hearts ?

  18. Valerie Pastore permalink

    ” All the darkness in the world can not EXTINGUISH the light of a single candle” (St. Francis of Assisi) (Andy 03/22/2003-10/11/2015 RIP my sweet, sweet boy)
    Thank-you for taking such good care of my special boy.

  19. Corey G permalink

    On 8/4/2015 I had to put my dog Guido that ive had for 11 years to sleep for health reasons I got him in 05-06 from a friend who no longer could take care of him he was rescued from a house where he was found beaten and very thin he was the 1st pet Ive owned personally and it was the best decision to take him he was a very sweet and kind dog and my parents and I spoiled him we made him forget about his past and made him into a playful loving dog a person could have putting him down was the hardest thing I had to do as a pet for I never had to do this before I know hes no in pain anymore but I miss him so much already when the vet came in he was looking at the wall but as the vet put the needle in and pushed the solution in he looked up at me into my eyes that was him telling me goodbye I love you Guido and miss you so much until meet again R.I.P lil buddy

  20. Amy permalink

    Last night at 6:10 PM on an idle Tuesday our Indy crossed over Rainbow Bridge – I cannot begin to put into words the loss or emotions- he was unique, he was gorgeous, he was protective, he was loving, he was family… He was with us when we bought the house, he was there when we brought home all 4 children, he loved the sound of laughter, hid in the bathtub during thunderstorms, was obsessed with my Mother, tortured Spek the cat and admired his best friend Zip… He was human in all senses and we will never ever find another like him –
    RIP Indy 5/8/04 – 6/30/15 – go play and eat as many Cheerios as your heart desires, you will be missed:(

  21. Rose Cibene permalink

    I had to say good bye to Tippy on June 10, 2015. He celebrated his 13 birthday on June 1, 2015. He was in my life since he was about 9 weeks old. After losing my husband 10 years ago, Tippy was all I had left from him. Now that he is gone, I feel like I am losing hubby all over again. Tippy was the sweetest, most gentle dog, loved other dogs, children, even cats, Never left my side during the worst of times, and always made me smile. I’m going to miss him. ..

  22. Jodi McKinnon permalink

    Matilda was our beloved puppy. She was my husband’s and I very first baby girl. She passed away a week ago in a tragic accident. She was only a year a half old. We loved her more than words can be expressed and more than you could imagine. We got Matilda at the northeast animal shelter when she was just 10 weeks old. She was the fiestiest and smallest of the litter. We heard her name and took one look at her and just knew at right then and there that she was the one. She had so much energy and life to her. She was small but had not afraid of anything. She brought so much light and love into our lives. Matilda was definitely, by far, one of a kind. She went everywhere and did everything with us. We have a 7 month beautiful baby boy, but still Matilda was part of all of it. She did the newborn photo shoot with our son. She had her pictures taken with Santa and our baby. She even went on vacation to Niagara Falls with us. She was a very happy, spunky girl who loved and adored us very much. I have had dogs in my past, but there will never be no other like her. Matilda was never just a pet…she was our daughter. We love her so very much and are still hurting deeply and still coping with her loss. It will never be easy. I only hope she is okay wherever she may be. God rest her soul and thank you ForgetMeNot for taking her into your care when we lost her.

  23. Kaitlyn morrill permalink

    My blue eyed angel. Had him ever since I was 3 years olds. He past away naturally while sleeping in his bed with my baby blanket April 11th, 2015. Max, the past 18 years of my life you brought me joy and happiness. I could have never asked for a better companion. Rest easy my love.

  24. William nicolson permalink

    My baby lady, 18 years old, my hunter and my best pal. Lady loved to climb trees and hunt. Many times a day I would have gifts waiting for me. She lived each day for her fancy feast and was a very proud cat. In the last few years we adopted two dogs. Lady stood her ground and never let them push her, she made sure they knew this was her house and she was the boss. Lady was also a snob. You had about one in a million chance of her letting you pet her, but 100 percent devoted to us. She would not hiss at you, she would just turn around and walk away with catitude. Lady loved the outdoors and was an outside cat by day and inside by night. It wasn’t until a few years ago we started to keep her inside due to her age and declining health. She acepted that like the trooper she was. Lady was smart and able to sneak past us every so often and get out. Lady is survived by Minx, Wellesley Dozer and Sophia and her daddies Mike and Bill. Her nickmanes were ladybug and bugaboo. Love you lady rest well and i will see you someday in heaven.

  25. Rob Martin permalink

    We lost our Bella on 03-26-2015, although I have have pets in my life Bella was one of a kind and a true part of our family. We were very Blessed to have Bella for almost nine (9) years and she brought great joy to our family. With Great sadness we lost this special gift from God and with her went a large part of my heart. I would like to thank all the staff at Forget-Me-Not for the care & passion you give during these most difficult times. Although I now go through this life with a broken heart, in my mind I know Bella is in a better place with no pain or disease. I also know when it is my time to go home I have a very special friend who will be waiting. Thanks again for all you do, it is greatly appreciated.

    Robert Martin

  26. Alecia Miller permalink

    I lost my Tessy 3 days ago. She had just turned 4 in January. Tessy had a tragic death, life for her was taken too soon. Tessy was a one of a kind dog. A black and white half papillon half toy poodle mix, she was one who was full of life. I have never met or known of a pet with such personality. You literally could have a conversation with her. She was so sweet, so loving, the biggest cuddle bug. But don’t let her size fool you, she was a small dog with a big personality, a great watch dog. Nothing, not even an ant could sneak by her. Tessy loved all seasons, nothing stopped her, not even 3ft of snow.
    Tessy had an older brother, Buckie. They were two peas in a pod. They did everything together, went everywhere together. They were on the same wave link, up until the day Tessy passed.
    Tessy may have died in a tragic way, but I don’t want that to be what people remember her by. She was more than a pet, she was a daughter, a sister, and grandchild. Tessy completed my family, completed my heart and many others as well. She will be forever missed, forever loved by your family.
    “If love could of saved you, you would have lived forever”
    Rest in the sweetest peace Tessy girl xoxo

  27. Melissa Micalizzi permalink

    On December 9th I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to put my 18 year old cat down, Licorice she was diabetic, and had an eye infection that was cancerous.She was the sweetest cat I ever had. She loved to cuddle and loved everyone she met. She was great with kids and other animals. I loved her dearly! I will never forget her, she was my best friend.

  28. Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana permalink

    November 3, 2014, we had to make the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to face and say goodbye (for now) to our beloved, Jackson. He was our world in every sense of the word, constantly by our sides, our baby, our best friend. He developed a ruptured splenic mass that unfortunately came back cancerous. Our entire world has been turned upside down since then, his loss has left a huge gaping hole in our hearts and a void that is so unimaginable.

    We loved spending every moment for the past 14 1/2 years he was with us.
    We will forever always remember all the special times we had together. He loved going for rides, running loose in the fields, laying in sunbeams, barking at airplanes & vacuum cleaner, snuggling with Momma’s, playing with his toys. He can never be replaced.

    Kelly was fantastic through this entire emotional process, when we received Jackson’s cremations, even though he isn’t physically here, we feel that he us always with us and he’s back home where he belongs.

    Until we meet at the bridge, little man, you run and play and be happy. For one day, we will all meet again. Momma’s miss and love you very much.

    Jackson Barlow-Lagana

  29. Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana permalink

    Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana

    November 3, 2014, we had to make the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to face and say goodbye (for now) to our beloved, Jackson. He was our world in every sense of the word, constantly by our sides, our baby, our best friend. He developed a ruptured splenic mass that unfortunately came back cancerous. Our entire world has been turned upside down since then, his loss has left a huge gaping hole in our hearts and a void that is so unimaginable.

    We loved spending every moment for the past 14 1/2 years he was with us.
    We will forever always remember all the special times we had together. He loved going for rides, running loose in the fields, laying in sunbeams, barking at airplanes & vacuum cleaner, snuggling with Momma’s, playing with his toys. He can never be replaced.

    Kelly was fantastic through this entire emotional process, when we received Jackson’s cremations, even though he isn’t physically here, we feel that he us always with us and he’s back home where he belongs.

    Until we meet at the bridge, little man, you run and play and be happy. For one day, we will all meet again. Momma’s miss and love you very much.

    Jackson Barlow-Lagana

  30. Molly permalink


    I hope there is some way that cyber-based sentiments can reach you. Nothing I compose will ever do you justice, but I will do my best. You were an angel, a true light to my life. Your nurturing and love is unparalleled. We have been together ever since you were two days old and will remain inseparable. You were taken from us far too soon, and I am so sorry I couldn’t to more to save you. My only option, darling girl, was to relieve you of the pain that would have been awful for you to endure. You were amazing, sweetheart, in every way and you were so strong and brave right till the end. You gave me laughter, compassion, and endless love. Thank you for your constant care and affection, your quack of a meow, your paws gently holding my face, and your soft purring next to me as we drifted off to sleep together. My life is forever changed because of you and will never be the same without you. I will miss you, and send you snuggles and love every day. You are my protector, my shadow, and my friend. I hope wherever you are that you’re happy, dining on your heart’s desire of delicacies, playing, and basking in sunlight with the most comfortable beds imaginable. Please look over us and keep us close. Make sure the dogs stay in line. I love you, Lucky, my little lion cub. Rest comfortably and happily and know at the very end as you took your last breath and outstretched your paw, my hand was there to catch it. I will always be there.

    A part of me fell asleep and lifted into the air with you. I look forward to the day that we’re together again.

    • Douglas permalink

      Thank you so much for your inspiring words. They truly comfort me during my own time of grief losing my dearest friend Oscar. Knowing that I am not alone in the companionship between a feline and it’s master is a true comfort. God speed to Lucky-D! My heart goes out to you.

      • Molly permalink

        My heart goes out to you as well! Thank you for your kind reply to my post. The connection that forms between human and animal is one of life’s most profound, inspiring, and loving. The loss of these incredible companions will always ache, but that ache represents something beautiful, too. The pain shows just how real, how abundant, and how strong that love was. My condolences to you for your loss of Oscar. Embrace the love he gave you and the lessons he taught you. Without my Lucky I would have never found the courage to take in an abandoned kitten this past winter, who now lights up my life just as she did. He reminds me of her in so many wonderful ways. Keep you heart open and take care, remembering always that no one is alone in their grief.

  31. Kae permalink

    Bailey Jane – you were my little girl, my love, my constant companion for more than 14 years. You stood by my side through all that life threw at us. You were the center of my universe and you were gracious enough to share my love when our family grew. Though your passing was peaceful and loving, I am shattered without you. My B-Girl, I will love you forever.

  32. Jennifer permalink

    Sweetie was a beautiful black Persian cat who lived the hard life of an outdoor stray. I only knew her for a few years. She would wait at my doorstep every morning for breakfast, even in the pouring rain. Myself and an elderly neighbor cared for her. I was with Sweetie the last few moments of her life. Old age and possible illnesses are what took her. She will always have a place in my heart and now in my home. I will always remember her and keep her safe.

  33. Cammie and Tom permalink

    My Dog Abby was the best dog ever and I will miss her so much. But I will always remember good times with her. She loved everyone that she used to see and I know she is in a better place now . We love you, never forget you. September 2nd -2014 miss you baby girl =(

  34. Carol McDonald permalink

    On the morning of the 4th of July I had to say good bye to the sweetest, most loving friend, and companion I have ever had the pleasure to know. She helped me through some really tough times in my life and always sat near me with a look of compassion and soft nuzzle which told me she understood me. Lacey was my fur baby and I loved her just like one of my kids. She always greeted me with so much love and enthusiasm each day it made coming home a pleasure. Coming home these days is not the same for sure –how I miss those greetings! I was so lucky to have her in my life and I miss her terribly. Letting her go was the hardest act of kindness I have ever had to do.
    Lacey, I will always miss you sitting by my feet whether I was watching TV or at the computer. I will miss our car rides together even though sometimes I was freezing cause you like the window open so you could see and smell out the window. You were so worth it. I will miss you snuggling close to me in bed, and I will even miss how you were under the pillow in a thunder storm. Rest in peace Lacey girl and always know I love you! You will forever be in our hearts. ♥♥♥

  35. Brittany permalink

    To Arthur, you were the best kitty I’ll ever have <3 I love you still so much its not even like your gone. I still feel like I’ll come home and see you sleeping under the porch or waiting at the door for me. I loved your meow and the way you loved to talk to me. Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing to do. laying you down on my soft pillow in the a/c room with kisses and love you couldn't meow or even lift your head but as I sat with you I could hear you purring. softer and softer till your tummy no longer rose. I kissed your nose and covered you in my blanket. June 3rd is now the saddest day.. I love you till forever baby <3

  36. Julia & Michael permalink

    Georgie was rescued after spending the first four years of her life in a terrible puppy mill. She was frail but stoic and wasn’t sure how to be a dog. Watching her transformation was a joy. Through the nine years as part of the family we can’t believe we have to say goodbye now. There have been many battles for her health and we accomplished a happy life for her. Georgie’s affection was boundless and her spirit full of humor and wisdom, loved by all who crossed her path, but especially by her Mom & Pops, her little brother Teddy and bird-buddy Paolo. Georgie wolfie, we’ll always miss you sweetheart, thank you for letting us be your family.

  37. Amy Bruno permalink

    Elvis is somewhat of a legend at the vet’s office. From his first kitten visits, until his last hiss today, you would know when Elvis was in the building. It breaks my heart that his era ends today, but I could not bear to see him suffer and I know I made the right decision. He will always be “mama’s baby”. I don’t know how I will sleep tonight after 15 1/2 years of you on my feet and feeling that emptiness. I pray that you will come to me in my dreams, and try not to bite anyone in heaven. Be a good boy as you always were only for your mama. I love you. (Elvis is on the left in the photo, with his bother Presley.

  38. Linda permalink

    My sweet little girl, Penny. You were such a wonderful kitty, and I miss you terribly. I adopted you at 11 wks old and you lived a full 17 years. Seeing you get sick was just heartbreaking, but now you’re in a better place. I will always keep you in my heart. So long my little girl. Mama loves you.

  39. Shayna permalink

    Toby was in our family for over 15 years and was always there to brighten our day whenever we came home. You were my best friend and you were always there to comfort and protect me whenever I needed you. The house isn’t the same without you there, it’s empty and lonely. We will never forget you and no other pet could ever take your place. You were my first dog and I shared so many wonderful memories with you and you truly made my childhood so much more happier. I wish I could give your little wet nose one more kiss, or take you on just one more walk but you are safe now and in a better place, no more suffering. You were such a smart dog, it was so easy to teach you tricks. You loved running around the yard and chasing dogs twice the size of you!! You were so brave and I adore you for that. Your loss has devestated the family and I honestly don’t know what we are going to do without you. We love you toby always & forever. Never forget. Nopey<3

  40. Derek Merrikin permalink

    On Friday, March 7th, 2014, our dog Jack ended his battle with his dilated cardiomyapathy (heart enlargement and fluid build up). He was diagnosed 8 months ago and we helped him fight hard. Jack was our furry son, car ride companion, and cuddle buddy. We’ll always miss and love you son.

  41. Kirstin C permalink

    Zoe- You were the sweetest, kindest kitty ever. Today is your Birthday and I could not fathom the fact that I had to make a decision like this so sudden the day before. You would have been 12 today, happy birthday my sweet kitty. The sun is shining today and I know that means you are in a happier better place. You will forever be loved and missed by all of us. I hope you are running around wherever you are now. I love you! <3

  42. Jordan Michael Giacalone permalink

    To Jordan I can’t believe you are gone. You were a loving and loyal dog. You waited for me to walk through the door everyday, tail wagging and always happy to see me. I can’t believe you’ve been with us for 12 years, it’s not enough time. I miss you terribly. The pain and the void I feel is unbearable. I don’t know exactly when it was that you went from being a beloved pet to a member of the family who was loved very much. You never had any restrictions in the house, when Santa came for my kids he came for you too. I don’t know how to go on without you here. I miss you Jordan and I”ll always love you. You are truly going to be missed R.I.P.

    To my bestfriend Jordan, you were like a brother to me. I love you so much you were always here to put a smile on my face. Coming home to you was always the best thing ever. Even on the hardest and roughest times you put a smile on my face. We all miss you very much and can’t believe you’re gone but it was a wonderful 13 years with you and I wish it could’ve been longer but I know you are happy in heaven and even though we can’t see you, you will never be forgotten or replaced. I know you’re still here in spirt with all of us watching over the house you were the best thing that ever happened to us, even though you see us sad right now please be happy and enjoy your life up there, running and having fun chasing squirrels and being a good boy. We will always love you and always be in our hearts. You were a big part of us, I love you jordan! We will see eachother soon, R.I.P Jordan.

  43. Kerin Pintzopoulos permalink

    I will miss my Pancho so much. He has been here with me from age 22 to a month before I turned 38. My entire adult life Pancho has been my constant companion. We lived in 9 places together. Pancho has been through every major life event with me. I often used him as my sixth sense when dating in my 20’s: if Pancho’s hairs go up, then it’s not going to work; he used to be my running and hiking partner; he stayed home with me and went for long walks after I lost my job; he loved me no matter what size I happened to be wearing that year; he didn’t care that I changed careers 3 times; he stayed under my feet when I tried starting my own business from the house; he cuddled me after I had a miscarriage; he was jealous when I got married; he was more than happy to be my baby when I found out I couldn’t have one; we made sure to have a fenced in yard for him when we bought a new house; and he accepted our little girl when we decided to adopt. Pancho, always with one ear up and one ear down. He loved to prance through the woods, chase leaves, and eat deli meat. He was definitely part snow-dog and part herder, always making sure his pack was nearby. He was my travel companion on countless weekend getaways. In the end, his legs got too tired to hold him up any more. He eventually told me in his own way that he was ready to go. Saying good bye to my baby after 15 years, 7mos, and 10 days was the hardest thing I have ever done. I love you Pancho. I can’t wait until we meet again…

  44. Mike & Elizabeth Lynch permalink

    Today we said farewell to our beloved Nelson. 2 1/2 years ago, Nelson choose us to go home with. You see we volunteer for a rescue group and we went to check out another dog, but Nelson instead came home with us. From the first day he made himself at home and even though our purpose was to find him another home, he had already chosen us. So after a month of searching, we decided to keep him, especially since him and our other dog Sammy seemed to have boned quickly in that time.
    We knew going in that Nelson would not be with us long. Everyone expected him to last a year, but we had him for 2 1/2 amazing years. It was like he was with us all along.
    Though we will miss him deeply, we know that he is playing in the sunshine, a place he loved to be.

  45. kirsten ulin permalink

    To forget me not,
    Thank you. You all do a awesome job.

    Just yesterday I lost my cat chip to cancer. He is in that better place now.

  46. Colleen Emery permalink

    My handsome Ollie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1/19/14. I’ve never had a cat who had more personality than Ollie. And he was a big one! 21 pounds! Very vocal, too. His date of birth is unknown, but I’d had him since 2009. I got him from a friend who had found him in 2001 and he was fully grown then. I’m assuming he was around 16. He was diagnosed with diabetes in October and had been getting 2 insulin shots per day. His energy began to rapidly decline and his hind legs grew very weak, and he was put down after having 2 diabetic related seizures last weekend. I received his cremains today and I’m very glad to have him home again tonight. The cedar box is beautiful, too. Run, my Ollie and I will see you someday.

  47. Lucille McCauley permalink

    After almost 13 loving years, Jake passed away after his caretaker Lucille went in for hip surgery. Jake, waited to die until he had his last visit with Lucille at the rehab center and died in the car after leaving her. Jake was loved by everyone that knew him. He will be greatly missed!

  48. Erin Grundman permalink

    Spice was rescued from a high-kill shelter when she was just a pup. Six months and a few lucky twists of fate later, I met her and immediately fell in love. Everyone that knew her in the seven years that I had her loved her as well. She was such a soulful dog and completely unselfish. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter dog that was so caring and eager to be loved even though she wasn’t treated well in the first year of her life. She’d been through five moves in two cities/states with me and was my main confidante during my single twenties. She was there when I met my current boyfriend and we when we got an apartment together and started building a home for the three of us. My boyfriend only knew her for a year and a half, but he is just as devastated as I am that she left us at a relatively young age. That is how much of an impression she left on people that took the time to get to know her. She was my soul pet and I will always love her, never forget her no matter how many other dogs I have throughout my life. As a dog who knew how to stop and smell the flowers (and trees, grass, bushes…), I know she that is what she is doing now. I hope she has an eternity to smell whatever she wants in a place with an abundance of bread, carrots and french fries. I love you Spice!!

  49. Kimberly harris permalink

    Lola you were my baby and my kids best friend we loved you more than anything and we hurt more than we thought possible. I will forever miss you and cherish you, you were the best dog I ever had! I’m sorry that coyote took you from us and I will think of you everyday I love you baby girl

  50. Tony permalink

    Tony was with us for 12 wonderful years.
    Every second I had with him was worth more
    than I could ever put into words. Both Joyce
    and I adored and loved him so much and words
    cannot even began to explain how much we
    miss him and he will surely be remembered for
    the rest of our lives. Bill & Joyce sheehan

  51. Linda Whitney permalink

    Our boy, our sweet handsome, left for heaven on Sunday. He had a stroke in March, and the doctors did wonders with him, giving us three beautiful months together. The second stroke left him paralyzed and helpless and we knew we had to give him relief from suffering and place him in the arms of God with all the beautiful little souls that went before him.

    We are grieving terribly, but are trying to focus on the pure love we gave to one another. Thank you Forget-Me-Not for your great compassion and understanding.

  52. Doug Vermette permalink

    Brohdi, you were a fantastic friend. Even though we started our relationship with you eating my couch I don’t regret a single moment with you. Seven years is not enough time to share with such a bright and happy soul like you. You were my hiking partner, work assistant, companion and friend. I’ll remember and miss you forever you dirty dingo. Requiem en Pacem


    My beloved Shenzi

    I miss you terribly. Karma cries for you everyday…as do I. I cant believe you’re gone. I can still hear you walking around and meowing and I can still see you sleeping on the bed. I wonder if this sad empty feeling will ever go away. You brought me so much joy and I miss you more and more each day.
    I love you my baby boy

  54. Lauren permalink

    This is Lucy born July 28th 2002 , I bought her as a baby and she came home with me on October 12th 2002 . Weighing in at 1lb 8oz we had her for a lil over 11 years . Unexpectedly Monday April 22nd at 3:33pm I had to hold her in my arms well the dr at Mass Vet Refferal hospital gave her Medicine to put her to sleep . She had heart disease and passed from Cardiac Hypertension. She was not your typical Chihuahua she was very loving and lived to give kisses and very rarely Barked . She left behind a brother named Maxwell a Grampy named Steven , my Daughter & Me (mother) I will forever & a day miss her . But she is no longer suffering . She’s in Heaven now with my Mother (her Grammy)
    God bless you Lucy <3 RIP you will always be my
    Lil Peanut Girl <3 XO

  55. Vy Duong permalink

    Lucky was a homeless stray when my aunt’s boyfriend found her wandering the streets of Los Angeles, CA. That April was the first time that we decided we wanted to have a dog since we were planning on moving from our then current home. Our landlord didn’t like pets and we were fed up with him. It was like love at first sight, she was playful and very energetic. Our trip back to Boston was pretty scary for her since she had never traveled before. Lucky left a deep impression on all of us for the past 11 years. She was a part of the family. She would always come up to offer us to pet her back and behind whenever we cry or was feeling down. To lose her on April 1, 2013 was like losing a family member. She had been really sick for the past week and we tried our best to ease her and comfort her. I really wish she had stayed with us longer…

  56. Barbara permalink

    We just lost our little cat cammy,she died today 03/03/13 she was nearly 17.we brought her back from France 10 tears ago and we are grateful she did not have to go back to the vet and died at home,these animals tear at our heartstrings when they go after having them so long. RIP little cat x

  57. Darcy Bucchiere permalink

    Our Sweet and Happy Gracie,
    You have touched the lives of so many. 9 years ago in August you came into our lives, sweet puppy you were. You gave us such joy everyday, and loved us and protected us. We know you tried to hang on for us and we thank you for that. Now you are pain free and happy, dancing and jumping in heaven. You were and always will be my best friend, companion, and protector. Rest in Peace my Gracie Banana Nose, I will see you someday on the other side, my friend. I hope they have a Dunkin Donuts there so you can get your munchkin everyday.
    Love your mom!

  58. Karen Kishimoto permalink

    Rest in peace, gentle soul. We miss you, Maggie-dog, thank you for all you’ve given us.
    April 21, 1997- December 3, 2012

  59. Connie Sullivan permalink

    I know you are at peace now. Running and having fun. You are missed so much. You were by my side at lonely times, sad times and when I was sick you laid next to me in the bed. You were always there. I miss you with me walking every day. It’s hard not having you with me but you needed to rest. Your #1 Dog, the best chocolate Lab ever. I’m glad you were mine. You made me feel so safe at night. I’m trying to get use to you not meeting me at the door. You were the best. You please me all the time. My heart aches with out you. You gave me the best love ever. I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, till then love and miss you. Love Mommy

    • Kim Parker permalink

      Cocoa was the best man’s best friend ever! She was so loyal to Connie… She did everything to make her happy right till the end no matter how she felt she was a great dog and she will be missed very much,things will not be the same around here for awhile she was everywhere around us even the holidays will be hard.
      Love and miss you girl
      04/23/2003 – 11/17/2012

  60. Michelle permalink

    Sweet Kansas,
    It’s been 11 great years with you. I know that it wasn’t your time, but all good things must come to an end. I know that you are up in Heaven with Great Gram, on her lap, like you always were when i would come home to her house after school. When she passed, it was an honor to have you live with me for the last 5 years. No one has ever loved me the way you loved me, no one has ever comforted me the way you comforted me. You were the only reason to come home to, I always looked forward to you jumping on me and cuddling me, even though some people didn’t like it. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I know that I will see you soon, I think about you every second of everyday, wishing you were following me around the house begging for a “kitty treat”. I remember when i was 8 and we tried to marry you and jimmy. Just to make great gram laugh.
    Kansas Allard, you will be forever missed. I love you more than i’ve ever loved anything.

  61. Katie permalink

    In loving memory of Rangeley. Through the lonely times and the busiest of times, you were always there. As I became a wife, a mother – twice, and being by my side through two deployments. I will miss your companionship and the feeling of safety you brought to our family. We love you and miss you already. I hope you’re running like the wind up there! You will always be the fastest dog I have ever met. We love you.

  62. diane k lantz permalink

    Tigger showed up at our house about 4 years ago, he was about 6 months old. He had a bad injury to his hind leg, we took him to the vet, got him healthy & he decided that we were going to be his new owners.

    Tigger, was a unique cat he was my best bud. Since I already have 4 cats in my house we fixed the garage up to be for Tigger. My husband made screens for the windows, built a cat house for the Winter. He had his own cat door with a magnet lock so only he could access the door.

    Tigger was a unique cat he was my best bud. When I would be working outside on my flowers he would just sit & watch me always there. He loved to go for rides so when I would get home from work I would take him for a ride around the block, he had even went to work with me when the window was down on my Journey. If you parked your vehicle too close to the house he would jump from the roof of the vehicle to the house, so I would have to get the ladder & coax him down. The neighbors all knew who Tigger was. He taught us all not to leave ladders up because he would climb them, not to leave our windows down on our vehicles because he would mysteriously get in & go with you. He also was the kind of cat that didn’t like confrontation with other stray cats.
    Tigger I wish you could have talked so we would have know what was wrong with you. We could have prolonged your life but it would not have been the life that you were used too & it wouldn’t be fair to you. Everyday I go out in the garage to leave for work and you are not there I just start crying. Bourbon, Pierre, Baby & Frisky all miss you too. I want you to know that all of you blankets, beds, bowls all went to Pet Haven & Animal Control for cats that are less fortunate. The Vet gave me some Forget-Me-Not seeds to plant in the Spring so you will always be there when I am out working on my flowers. I love you and will miss you always. Dad and Andrew miss you too. Andrew posted a picture on facebook with you sitting in the back window of his car waiting for a ride.

    Love you always……………….Mom

  63. Nardyna Fiorvanti permalink

    In loving memory of Fufu Fiorvanti
    Dear forgetme not :
    Thanks for taking care of my cat Fufu, and doing and excellent job,
    I wrote this for her and would like to share it with you.

    I miss you my little friend:
    Nothing would be the same with out you,the house looks empty and my heart aches every single time I look at your favorite spot, every time I open your favorite drawer in the kitchen, remember?
    the one with your favorite treats, I can still see you sitting in the ground begging for gave me so many years of love and joy and from the bottom of my heart I thank you,
    for them,and I pray that God has you by his side and takes good care of you until we reunite again, then we would be running together from cloud to cloud and cuddling in the sunset of each day, looking out for those we left behind and waiting fro them to come so we can reunite, until then I will be missing you my beloved little friend.

  64. Julie Murphy permalink

    My cat Avalon was more than a pet. She was a true companion, a best friend in some of my darkest times, and as much my baby as I was hers. For 11 years we took on the world, and when we were victorious, we celebrated with catnip and chewy treats. When we were broken, cold and sleeping on the floor, she never left my side. She had a hundred way of making me smile, even when my soul was at it’s lowest depths, and she soared with me when things got better.

    I promised her I would do everything I could to keep her with me. There’s no way I could have known that while her spirit was strong, her heart was already failing. She was so strong and so brave, that she never let me know until it was too late.

    She was loved by so many. Even those who didn’t like cats decided she was a dog in cat fur, her laid back charm making her impossible to resist. I will always leave a little milk in my cereal bowl just for her, and miss her every day.

    Mumma loves you, sunshine. And we’ll be together again soon.

  65. Devi Weems permalink

    To Ma–Ma’s beautiful boy, Bandit:

    Never before have I loved like I loved you and love you still. It broke my heart to lose you, especially so soon. You were the bright spot in EVERY one of my days and I miss you so much……I will always remember you, love you and miss you….and you will ALWAYS be Ma-Ma’s one and only beautiful boy!! There is no other like you, nor will there ever be. You were Ma-Ma’s heart in life–and in death, you still are. Ma-Ma’s heart is just no longer beating since yours is still. Rest Well, my Angel! I’ll see you soon!!

  66. Terry Haley permalink

    I never really wanted a puppy but I knew my kids would never forgive me if we left Jackson at the shelter so I gave in and instantly fell in love. The unconditional love we received from Jackson does not compare to any other. He was an important and special part of our family from the moment he joined us. He had always been there for every moment, through joys, sorrows, holidays, birthdays, – whatever the occasion he was always there and happy to greet all who came to our home. July 25, 2012 was one of the saddest days of my life. Never having any other pet, I never realized the loss I would feel after losing Jackson. He will forever live in my heart – and all my memories of him will bring a smile to my face. You are missed and loved forever Jackson Michael Haley.

  67. Tracie Colon permalink

    So much to say about my Missy. From a little pup, she already had the chips stacked against her with health issues, but we managed to work through them and maintain her for a much-longer-than expected (although not long enough for me).

    She wasn’t your typical dog. Missy was the biggest clown to always bring a smile to your face. Her kidney-beaning, her kisses, her stealing the girls’ toys and whipping them around the house, chasing the cats, saying “Mama” whenever she wanted me, tucking her head under my arm as I worked to get some love and attention, eating when we ate, her Chewbaka noise she would make when playing, and followed me around EVERYWHERE I would go, to somewhere as simple as the bathroom. She made her presence known and everyone loved her. She would never hesitate to jump up and give you a hug and kiss. She absolutely loved everybody.

    Today, I get to see my Missy one last time before bringing her back home where she belongs. I don’t know how this experience will be, but I am forever grateful for being able to be there with her one last time.

    We will always love you, Missy, and miss you dearly.
    Mommy, Daddy, Lexi and Amaya (Sushi and Scooter)

    Missy 6/21/2003 – 7/13/2012

  68. Karen Keough permalink

    Boo, you were the “Love of my Life”. I went to get you in PA. in 1998 and lived 13.5 wonderful years together. You were always there for me…. thru Dad’s death, my cancer and my divorce. You would always be by my side and knew exactly what I was feeling. You taught me about unconditional love. The day came last July 9th when I knew you were struggling and in pain. I had to say “Goodbye” to you for now. It was the hardest act of kindness I ever had to do. You will always be with me, in my heart forever, until I see you at the “Rainbow Bridge”. With all of my love, Mom

  69. Michelle D. permalink

    Marley you were my “girl” and my partners in arms for over 12 years – you knew every move, every schedule, and every mood I had. You taught me to love at an entirely different level, one I could have never imagined. You comforted me, made me laugh, and yes, made me cry. Having to make the decision to let you go was the hardest day of my life. I have to believe that you are chasing squirrels in heaven, looking down and watching over me.

    I will miss you always.

  70. I just lost my dog buddy. He was the best dog up until the end, 15 years old. Went down hill very quickly. Miss you big man. You will always be my BUBBA. I know your not in pain anymore. Love you lots and lots. Will always remember all our special times. Always in my heart, never forgotten.
    Love you,
    Momma xoxoxox

  71. Michelle Graham permalink


    You were my best boy, who taught me the meaning of devotion and love. Thank you for your presence, fortitude, and patience. And thank you, most of all, for your forgiveness. Now over the bridge, all the happiness in the world is yours. Wait for me, sweetheart. And please know that you were the light of my life and that my love for you is unfathomable and boundless, forever.

  72. Ava Gruber permalink

    Ashley was a ferret and, quite frankly, my life. I could go home and tell her the deep thoughts I just couldn’t tell my family. Now I pray to her every day and will always remember her as the one and only pet who changed my life. I love you, baby, and always will.

    Ava (your ma)

    *RIP Ashley Rosemary Gruber 6~14~12*

  73. Marilyn Bragg permalink

    Ollie was a member of our family. He was our little furry feline kid. Ollie was a very healthy, happy little four-year-old who loved to climb trees, play with his buddies and sit on neighbor’s porches. He truly was a really happy cat. He didn’t go far but he loved being in the sunshine and always wanted to enjoy the outdoors. I never knew that on April 23rd, it would be the last time I would see him. Ollie was hit by a vehicle and died on April 24th. I am devastated and am grieving for him so much. I had him since he was eight weeks old. He was very affectionate and so lovable.The other cats are not the same-we loved him so much-his cat buddies and us. Only time will heal this pain.
    Ollie thanks for all the love, I will be grateful always for the happiness and smiles you brought to us. “No heaven will not ever Heaven be; unless my cats are there to welcome me.” Anonymous-Until we meet again,
    Your Family

  74. Kim Sheehan permalink

    Nikki, you were my blessing from God. I only had you a short 12 years in my life, but now I find that part of me is missing because you took it with you when you left this world just a week ago. You were my best friend and my confidant. Who am I going to tell all my secrets and fears to now? I only hope that you can hear me because I am counting on still talking to you.

    I am grateful for the time I got to spend with you. You were so smart and inquisitive, and not at all what I expected in a Chihuahua. When you were a small puppy you were a little blur running around wherever you were. As an adult you matured, but that puppy still came out in you every now and again. You were so much fun!! Then we had to get your knee fixed. I still remember bringing you home in the pink cast. The doctors told me that had to stay on for 6 weeks. I think it lasted 3 days. Then, when you moved into your senior years you started to slow down. Your heart murmur was getting the best of you. Then you developed vestibular disorder, but you carried on like the graceful lady that you were. You didn’t let anything stand in your way. You had to be carried more often, but I never minded that because I got to have you closer to me. You always took your medicine like a good girl. You were the best!!!

    Then, on your last day here, we went through our morning routine as usual and I got you cleaned up after breakfast, held you, kissed you, carried you back to bed telling you how much I love you. I put you back into bed, gave you one more kiss on your head, pulled the covered up, and told you that I love you as I left for work. I will forever cherish that last morning because when I got home, you were already gone.

    I am pretty sure your little heart gave out because you had been slowing down even more lately.

    There is a quote very fitting to describe how I feel at this moment… “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!!”

    In a way you will live forever because you are a part of my heart and soul. It is a lot quieter around the house now, but I know that you are in a better place and can run and jump and play free of your earthbound ailments. I will see you again my sweet baby girl, that is a promise.

    Rest in peace my sweet baby girl, Nikki. June 5, 1999-April 16, 2012.

  75. Chris Pringle permalink

    Bobo you were my best friend for alnost 12 years. We did everything together. Walks in Newburyport, Skiing with patrollers @ Bradford to hanging around at home. I will miss you greatly. I know you are in a better place now free of pain. I love you very much. You will always be my baby.

    Love Daddy

  76. Jim Finn permalink

    It was so sad to hear that Debbie and Porkey lost Jingles. It was both heartbreaking and unexpected. I also know that no cat could be more loved. Debbie was so proud of him. He will not be forgotten.

  77. MILLIE FINN permalink


  78. To our rescue, a beloved Penny, she chose her own name and would come to no other. We kept it because it suited this 5 pound teacup poodle that we welcomed to join our lives.
    She watched and mothered the children in the home, she watched and mothered the cats who were in the home as they grew up to be twice her own size.
    She loved going on adventures with us, she would ride atop each of our kayaks and swim to the other one when she got bored. Or cower in the cockpit as a large bird of prey flew over, we often joked she was so small she knew she was food.
    Sleeping overnights with us in the overly cramped RV and only softly growling at the lions that were playing around outside.
    Waking us with the smallest of calls so we could catch a passing bear or elk.
    When we would foyer into the city, she would ride in a purse with only her nose and eyes sticking out never being noticed.
    I know the scores of other adventures you took us on, often sitting up on the dash of the RV watching the world go by that you will be a permanent party of my life tale.
    I thank you for the open trust and endless love and blind compassion you gave us despite the lunacy that must be happening around you. A seeming very stable rock in a very turbulent world.

    But when you started to crumble, as the strokes came more frequent and worse, the pain and terror in your eyes was something I had no tool to fix and even knowing that the cure was worse than the disease did not help your agony. I thank you for surviving my wife the holidays, I know that all the kids took turn to dote upon you, I gave you every comfort that could be afforded till everyone had said their good byes.. But that one morning when the convulsions simply would not stop, we both agreed, asking you to suffer just so we would not want to lose a friend was wrong of us.

  79. Amanda Heighes permalink

    We lost Bailey unexpectedly on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Known affectionately as the “street sweeper,” we always had to watch the path in front of Bailey as he walked, because he loved to eat all kinds of things. Unfortunately at age 10 this habit caught up to him. He ate a stick in the yard and it punctured his abdomen. Saying goodbye to him has been such a shock to all of us; the house is so quiet without him. His brother dog, Rusty, aged 7, has not known life in our family without Bailey. Rusty is a rescue dog and he always drew strength and confidence from having Bailey by his side. Since Bailey has been gone Rusty is very quiet–it’s heartbreaking to imagine that he is grieving for his sidekick. On Thursday we will collect Bailey’s ashes and bring him home to rest with his family. Bailey, we love you, and we’d give anything to have you back with us. But we can only have the memories, and through those you will always live on. You’ll always be in our hearts. Please shine your light on Rusty for us. We love you. xoxox

  80. sue permalink

    We lost a good friend and his name was Benny cat. He died of old age and he is well missed. He didn’t mine being dressed up. Benny was like a human, but he wasn’t at all. He love to eat people food and cat treats. We love and miss you Benny. At least you are in a better place, running around and having fun…..

  81. Deborah permalink

  82. We lost our sweet Abby Cat 3 weeks ago and we still miss her. She followed me wherever I went almost like a dog. She craved attention and she loved to outside. She often went with me to the mail box. Often we would both sit outside for hours enjoying the sunshine. She often would catch chipmunks or mice and bring them to me. Most of the time the chipmunks would survive. When I came down the stairs in the morning she would rush ahead of me and wait by the door hoping I would let her outside. She loved water. We had three bowls for her one on either side of the kitchen and one upstairs in the bathroom. But she always thought my glass of water for her. I’d be sitting on in the family room with a glass of water on the table next to me and next thing I knew she had her head in my glass lapping up the water. She was very affectionate and everybody loved Abby.

  83. Ryan permalink

    I got Booch as a puppy shortly after I graduated from college. He was the best friend I could ever hope to have for 11 years. I expected to have a few more years with him, but he got sick with IMHA this year. Though he survived the initial scare, we only had 2 months of health with him before he took a serious turn for the worst and left us. We are devastated. He was so much fun, so gentle, so playful and friendly with people and animals. All he ever wanted was to play tennis ball with us. Our house feels so empty and lonely without him. I would give anything to have him back.

  84. Sharon Godin permalink

    We lost our very loved dog Grizzly at the age of 3 due to seizures, the vet felt it was most likely from a brain tumor. He was our best friend and a smart dog. We are still stinging from the pain of losing him so traumatically. I just opened the box we recieved in which I thought would contain him in a plastic bag. How touched I was to find him in beautiful cedar along with a touching poem and seeds to grow. Thank you for providing such a lovely display for our buddy, Grizzly. He is so very missed.

  85. Susie Costa permalink

    My little guy Miles, 2 year old male cat was a very special cat to me. He was a stray and it will be almost 1 year in June that he had been living with me. I used to see him follow my outdoor cat Maxie (10 yr. old female cat). So I decided to start feeding the poor little guy. He was so skinny, his fur looked rough, and you could tell he got into cat fights a lot. After two weeks, I was able to get him to come close enough for me to pet him. So I spoke with some friends about him and we all thought that I should take him in.

    I brought him in to get neutered. After dropping him off I went to work. I got a phone call from the vet saying he was positive for FeLV. At the time I didn’t understand much about FeLV but I knew it was serious when she asked if I’d put him down. I didn’t know what to say so I said can I bring him home first and decide. So I did bring him home and he recovered very well.

    I am so happy I did bring him home, because he was such a lovable, friendly, and talkative cat. He was also obviously not ready to leave this world. He got the chance to be in a loving home where we spoiled him with hugs and kisses and lots of food. He gained weight and his fur coat became shiny. He became my little companion, he slept with me, he followed everywhere around the house. When I came home late, it was hard to sneak in so that my parents wouldn’t hear me because he would greet me so loudly, Meowing, probably asking me ‘Where have you been!?” LOL He was my little guy. The past couple of weeks he started to eat a lot less and his personality started to change. We brought him in to the vet last week but they weren’t sure what was going on, they gave him meds. Nothing helped, he got worse. I brought him to the vet yesterday and they did blood work on him and the results showed us that he was very sick and that this was it.
    Miles taught me a lot, I have so much more love for animals and I want to help out other animals. I miss him so much. I don’t have my little guy anymore to go to bed with and wake up with and to greet me at the door. My parents, sister and other family members are all truly saddened by this, but he is in a better place having a good time, where he isn’t suffering or in pain. He will be very missed by all of us.
    I will never forget you Miles. Mommy misses you so much! You will always be in my heart. I love you Miles and always will,
    Susie (Mommy)

    <3 RIP Miles ~05-15-2011~

  86. Barbi permalink

    Lucy, my blue cream tortoise shell lived for 19 years. She had a brother, Oscar who died 10 years ago. Then a couple years later she welcomed (well, not so nicely after having been the only master of the house for the years before!) another brother who just turned 8. We miss her terribly and will never forget her…

  87. I found my Cali-butt when I was at a local animal store picking food for my rats. I noticed a large green cage with a tag the read: “Californian. Everything-$40”. Having never really had a rabbit before, I asked the owner about her. Apparently, her breed is sold for food and fur but there was something about her that made her special to me. The first night she was home, I stayed on the internet for hours researching everything I could find out about her. It was Cali who ultimately taught me the most important things in life. Anywhere I went, she was with me. She was great with all animals- big and small and never caused trouble. Everyone that met my little girl instantly loved her. No matter what happened in life, I had my best friend with me. Now my little girl has gone to join all my loved ones that have gone back to being part of the universe.

    Cali, mommy misses you so much. I cannot believe you’re gone. You were so brave during those last moments and I felt honored to have been there with you. Baby bunny- I will always love you

  88. Deborah Domenech permalink

    I had Romeo from birth until he was 14 years old. If you got to know him while he was large in size, he was the most docile & friendly cat you could ever know. If love could have saved him; he would have been immortal. Romeo will be missed but while is gone he will never be forgotten.

    Romeo you were the best friend I ever had and I will miss you so much but I know that someday we will meet again and when that day comes we will never be apart. I miss you and I will always love you.

    Romeo will be missed beyond words can describe. I am thankful to Forget-Me-Not for the incredible ending he had with dignity, beauty, and grace.

    Sweet dreams my beautiful Prince & Angel,
    I Love You,

    Gone but Never Forgotten
    Romeo “Nene” Domenech
    03/02/1997 – 03/20/2011

  89. kerri sherman permalink

    I had a ridgeback lab mix for almost 16 years. She was a loveabable great girl, almost human. All my family loved her very much, even my new nephew Tristian who is going on 6 months now. My dogs name was Cassie. She will be missed by all the Sherman and Cook families. But she will be rembered forever in our hearts. She will always be loved forever.

    We miss you cassie but love you always.
    Loved and rembered forever by Kimberly Sherman-Cook, Lee Cook, Tristian Cook, Donna Sherman, Daniel Sherman, and Kerri Sherman

  90. Amy Finkel permalink

    Shellee was my best friend. She was always there with a smile. I love her still, and she will always be in my heart. She fought to live, but knew when it was time to say goodbye.

    I miss you girl. I’ll love you always…

    • Kim Cormier permalink

      Shellee had a smile that would light a room. Knowing Shellee made you a better person and always made you smile in return. Some of my favorite memories of Shellee consist of her never ending smile, a tail that I swear would go threw a wall when she see you come into a room, the backing up the butt to make sure not only you see her but you scratch it as well. Even though Shellee is no longer with us in site, her spirit will alway live on.
      One of my favorite qoutes I received was when my beloved Boo passed away. She too fought a good fight till the very end. Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

      “The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. -Samuel Butler

      We miss and love you Shellee Belly!

      Love Kim, Derek, Ginger, and Sassy XXXOOO

    • Mike Fulginiti permalink

      I saw Shellee only so often, but I loved seeing her when I visited Amy and Alan’s home. She always had a smile for me. Shellee, I will miss you so much. It hurts me that you are gone. I know Amy, Alan, and Mom took care of you the best they could. I have pictures of you and I’ll never forget you. I love you with all my heart. Hugs and kisses always Shellee. 🙂

  91. Pat Larkin permalink

    It’s been a year and a half since we lost our beloved Siberian Husky Murphy…and we still miss him more than you can imagine. He came into our lives as a 2 yr. old rescue and became part of our family instantly. he had the most wonderful personality you could hope for and I always used to say we could never custon order a dog more special than him. He was so gentle and kind with our two little grandaughters and we could even put our cockatiel on his back for a ride. The neighbors all loved him as much as we did and mourned his passing along with us. We lost Murphy on Flag Day at 3:30 AM. he woke us up with one long cry…totally unexpected…and he was gone. It was Sunday morning and I called Forget-Me-Not and they responded within the hour and were so compassionate and really helped get me through this most difficult time. A friend just told me she will be losing her dog soon and I thought of how nice it was to have you folks help me through this, so I reccomended she call you.

  92. Solomon family permalink

    Allie was our baby, a 15+ year old border collie mix who was the sweetest, smartest and most loving dog anyone could have. We are all heartbroken but comforted in knowing that forget-me-not will treat her with love and respect. Thanks in advance for helping us get through this most difficult time…..

    • Solomon family permalink

      Allie’s lifelong buddy, Maggie, is now playing with her in heaven. Our hearts are once again broken, but we are comforted in knowing that our two girls are playing together again.

  93. Mary Ellen McGrath permalink

    I first met Mufasa nine years ago. He was sitting on the deck overlooking the world in such a way he reminded me of a proud lion.He was a stray that had adopted us. Unfortunately I had two indoor cats, that would not accept any other cats in the house. I remember the time I brought him in when we had a blizzard. He was so unhappy he climbed the walls, curtains …he really loved his freedom outside. Two years ago, I brought him in and he adjusted to being inside.He loved to sit in the windows looking at the world go by. What a sweet cat he was.We were devistated when we found out he had lymphoma. It was agressive and took him too soon. Losing a pet is never easy, but I want to thank Forget-Me-Not for the caring way they took care of our Mufasa.

  94. johanna permalink

    I am writing this for my mom who just lost her beloved dog finchen,finchen was the most loyal dog she was allways there when i came home,wagging her tail.comfort me when i was down and never left my side,she was amazing allways full of life loved to play in the yard and loved to go for car rides and to go to the groomers.
    she will be missed very much .

  95. Roland (Nina) Silva permalink

    Jane and I had Nina for 5 way too short years. Nina was an Maltese with a heart as big as the sun and a tail that never stopped wagging. She was the brightest star in the sky for us and we could never ever wait to get home to Nina and Cody as soon as possible whenever they could not be with us. She had a really tough life and through the whole 5 years she never ever once did anything wrong, never chewed anything up, never growled or tried to bite anyone. And even when painful procedures were done, she wagged her tail right after and went to lick the doctors. She was a role model for dogs and owners alike. She will be missed beyond words and her loss has devastated us. We are thankful for the incredible beautiful ending she had with the diginity, beauty and elegance Forget-Me-Not gave her. Thanks to the vets, the crew here and all her friends and family for giving us the best gift God could ever give. Sweet dreams our beautiful Princess

  96. Kathleen M permalink

    Phoebe came into our lifes when we were looking for a golden retriever puppy. The breeder was looking to place her in a home and when we went to see her she plowed right into my daughter and knocked her on her butt. We knew then she was going to be with us. She was an extremely gentle dog, loved by us and our neighbors alike. She gave us a beautiful puppy which helps remind us of her every day. We will always remember her smiling face. She lives on forever in our hearts. My thanks to Forget Me Not for their wonderful handling and care of our baby.

  97. Gus (Gussie) my Siamese/Tabby combination was an extaordinary feline. If ever an animal could be a soul mate,he was it. Being of the same temperament,communicating with Gussie was in itself a learning experience in animal language. The joy of his constant ability to amaze me over the years will stay with me forever.

  98. debra gurry permalink

    i only knew shelby for a short time, i remember my friend,shelby’s owner called me from the pet store and said,i just bought a dog, she had been thinking about it for a while and finally they met and she feel in love with this little dog, she cared and loved her as if she was her baby.i was thankful that jen and shelby had each other now,in the short time i spent with her,she was ever so cute,fiesty,playful,bit of a trouble maker,always forgiven by jen almost instantly,it seems like it was always a new adventure and love of life for shelby, i wanted her owner jen to know,even though it might not help with shelby’s loss right now,i will always be thankful for knowing her. i tell my kids that shelby’s up in heaven and god will look after her with love as did jen her owner always,your in my thoughts/heart always love debbie and kids

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