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  1. Julie & Rick Langhill permalink

    Our beloved Oreo passed away in our home and since we live in a townhouse we did not have a yard to call our own. My friend Ann had mentioned she had had her cat’s remains cremated. I was not sure this was the best option until the time had come. I had Googled pet cemetery’s and Forget Me Not was one of the options that came up. I called them at 530p on a Friday evening and Stephanie had answered the phone. Still very upset due to our loss, Stephanie was kind and reassuring that everything was going to be ok and they could take us as soon as the next day, Saturday. We were greeted by Julie who brought us to a room so we could have a our final moments with Oreo. We felt comforted by this difficult choice and had not any experience with cremation. Forget Me Not made a difficult time for us seemless and would highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a loss of their furbabies.

  2. Kathy Campbell permalink

    I picked up my best friend Pepper’s ashes yesterday at our vet’s office and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was so touched by the way she was “protected” in the package and all of the “extras” they put in it, ie the packet of seeds to plant in her memory, the copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” and the certification that these in fact were her cremains.

    It’s hard to trust these days, because we’ve all heard horror stories about loved ones (either human or pet) and intentional/unintentional “mix-ups” with cremains. What a comfort it was for me to see Forget-Me-Not’s website with the full explanation of how they ensure such a thing won’t happen. It’s a beautiful service they offer and I would recommend them to anyone going through this.

    I learned of Forget-Me-Not from our vet here in Upstate NY and they said it was a new company they had been working with for a short time. When I got the call from our vet that her cremains had arrived, the girl at the vet said “you’re going to be so happy; they did such a beautiful job”.

    I’ve been telling all of my family and co-workers about how wonderful Forget-Me-Not has been and I so appreciate you and what you do for us.

    I agree that from my contact with Stephanie (who left me a voicemail that was so kind and empathetic) to Kathy who ultimately walked me through my options was amazing. I could really feel that they “got it” and took the time I needed and assured me they were “taking good care of Pepper”. I wish I could have been there to participate, but I’m comforted to know she was in such good hands in my absence.

    I had “my little girl” for 16 years and though I’ll never be able to replace what she brought to my life, I know I gave her a wonderful life too.

  3. Kim LoCicero permalink

    I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and compassion that you showed to us when we brought our beloved girl, Lola in. It was one of the hardest days of our lives and your staff made it so that we didn’t have to think about anything but saying goodbye to Lola. They gave us the time and space that we needed to say goodbye and when I couldn’t bear to leave her, one of the girls took her in her arms for me and promised to take care of her. You are wonderful people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Robert & Michelle OLeary permalink

    On Monday, January 23, 2017 we said our final goodbye to our most beloved and sweetest boy Nick. Thank you to everyone at Forget-Me-Not for making the hardest day a beautiful and heartfelt memory and for providing such compassion. RIP Nick 9~23-2006 – 01~15~2017

  5. Browni permalink

    Thank you to all of the staff who were very patient with my questions and for making this painful journey a bit less depressing.

    *That’s Roxie in the pink, Tiger’s other half whom misses him very much


  6. Janis Oles permalink

    This heartfelt thank you is long overdue. My beloved Tuxedo cat passed in May 2013. The kindness and compassion that everyone at Forget-Me-Not showed me is ever remembered.

    It was indeed a trying time for me as my husband was coming to the end of his battle with cancer and died a month after Tuxedo. We lived for our cats as they were the children we never had. We had just moved and our new veterinarian recommended Forget-Me-Not and I am forever grateful that she did.

    The kindness and compassion began the moment the wonderful young lady at the desk picked up the phone. I was not accustomed with our previous vet to accompany my beloved pets to their cremation. When I was told I could have a private cremation I was so grateful.

    From the moment I walked into you facility I could feel how much you cared. I had a chance to say one last good bye in the private viewing room. I was so taken with how gently the young man placed Tuxedo’s body in the crematoria. He gently curled him up as though he was just sleeping.

    I chose to wait for Tuxedo’s ashes. There was a dog and a cat in the reception area. The cat had been a rescue and it stayed by my side as I sat on the floor and stroked it for well over an hour. All the while the business when on around me as I sat on the floor and cried. Everyone was kind and stopped to see if I was alright and they listened to me tell “Tuxedo stories”.

    I had the ashes of the many beloved cats I have been privileged to call my own in a custome made wooden box but unfortunately it was becoming too small so I was interested in a larger urn. I saw the urns in a display case and found a lovely one, the classic silver and gold and when the cremation was completed Tuxedo’s ashes were placed in the urn.

    My husband would have wanted to be there with Tuxedo but he was in the hospital. Shortly after returning home we were told the end was near for him. He saw the urn that now contained the ashes of all our cats who had passed and he joked that it was so beautiful that he would like one like it for his own ashes. My husband was not one to express feelings and this was one of the rare times he mentioned anything to do with his own death.

    The young lady at desk (I’m so sorry I can’t remember your name) was so helpful in calling the urn company to find out the specifics and I was able to order an urn for my husband’s ashes. When my husband passed away a month later I had the beautiful urn with a lovely engraved plaque as the center of his memorial service.

    I want you to know that if you ever, ever doubt how grateful we are for your compassion or that you are performing a needed service…DON”T. You are very special people and we all appreciate you. My husband and I were used to being laughed at for all the love, attention, time and money we spent on our sixteen cats but those cats provided more comfort and love than any people we knew and they were our family. You all treated Tuxedo as though he was your own pet.

    When I have the sad task to send off another of my beloved cats, I will come to Forget-Me-Not again.

    Thank you so very much.

  7. Gena Mitchell permalink

    sending a photo

    • Gena Mitchell permalink

      My handsome boy who loved us all. I will miss you forever.

  8. michael struckus permalink

    PJ’s on the bed & the other is a head shot of JJ. Sorry for the choppy submissions. Not a techy! MnPJ

  9. michael struckus permalink

  10. michael struckus permalink

    Hi Again!,Sending a photo of JJ and PJ to go with my earlier email.

  11. Melissa Ramsay permalink

    From the moment we called, I felt a sense of calm, trust and true empathy from the wonderful woman I spoke with. She explained everything in detail and we decided to have a viewing with our pet. We set up a time for the next morning and when we arrived, we were greeted so sweetly she offered her dearest sympathies to us and led us to a comfortable room where we stayed and visited with our pet. We never felt rushed and when we were ready to leave, the cost was so reasonable for all they offered us and it went very smoothly. I can’t begin to tell you how much having that time with our pet meant to our healing and having closure. I left with a sense of peace and knowing our pet was being treated with dignity, kindness and love. Thank you!

  12. The Hubers permalink

    We can’t thank Forget-me-not enough for helping us feel at ease about the decision to cremate our beloved 18 year old boy, Whiskers.

    Over the past several months he had health issues and we doted on him gratefully because he gave us so much joy, even in his diminished state. He was still purring, playing (albeit less strenuously) and still loved to be snuggled so we made sacrifices to keep him as comfortable and healthy as he could be given his issues. Then the day came when he gave us the signal which was very tough for him and consequently us. However, every good fur-parent knows when it is too much and we made our pain filled decision to say our goodbyes. We were there to send him off and knew the next decision would be equally as hard.

    The vet expenses were through the roof but ultimately we wanted to do what was right to honor his memory. That’s where Forget-Me-Not comes in. A friend used their services and had shared how kind and reasonably priced they were. The thought of leaving him somewhere after caring for him so heavily was inconceivable but after talking with the folks at Forget-me-not we had no doubt they were pet lovers and got it. When we got there, they were so unbelievably thoughtful and kind. They listened and comforted us. They knew this was difficult and did everything they could to make us feel at ease before we left. They wanted us to feel ok with our decision and although the drive home was tear-filled, we knew we were doing the right thing and just wanted him home. We received the call that we could bring him home and although we knew it was just his little vehicle that we were taking home, we felt relief.

    Thank you, Forget-me-not for the amount of care you put into your jobs. It makes a huge difference to those of us grieving and we just wanted to let you know we appreciate everything you did for us and our Boy.

  13. The Wallace Family permalink

    Our 14 year old dog Basil left us on the 4th of July this year – it was to be our vacation week and we feel she made sure we were out of the house and having a fun day – she wanted to go alone. When we got home later that night we found her in the hallway – it was the hardest thing ever to hold her just one last time and tell her how sorry we were that she had to leave us & that we would miss her forever. We didn’t know what to do and it was the holiday weekend so we called a 24 Vet Service who said we could bring her to them and they gave us the information on Forget Me Not and we are so glad they did – from the first phone call they explained all our options & were very sympathetic. The best way we could say thank you to Forget-Me-Not would be to recommend them.

  14. Molly permalink

    This has taken me almost a year to write, but regardless of the time that has passed, the incredible gift that was your service lingers in my mind. I lost my Lucky-Duck last November to a hidden cancer, unbeknownst to my family and I until it was too late. I was unprepared to lose my little one who had acted as my protector for so long. She came into my life at only two days old and grew to be one of the most courageous, kind, and loving cats I will ever have the honor of calling my companion.

    Losing her was more than I could bear and the idea of arranging post-loss services was confusing and scary for me. Nevertheless I was referred to Forget-Me-Not, a fact that I remain grateful for. I had never endured this type of loss before and was in rough shape for quite some time. Forget-Me-Not worked with me every day, taking my many calls with the utmost empathy, patience, and kindness, demonstrating a great deal of flexibility and care. I was never able to complete a phone call to you without bursting into tears and the kind women on the other end of the line reacted so sweetly as if they were dear friends of mine. I couldn’t be more grateful for all you did for me as well as for my Lucky. You gave a dignified ending to her beautiful life. She looks over my life now, perched on a window sill bathed in sunlight, and hanging over my heart. Thank you for all you did for us. I will forever be grateful.

  15. Jessica Eve permalink

    I lost Mini my Main Coon in 2012 and forget Me Not handled the private cremation then for me. He was 17 years old and I miss him as much today as I did then. I recently lost my Bob Cat his name was Little Cat. Forget Me Not handled the cremation once again for me. I am torn to pieces loosing my Furry animals and my heart aches. They both now sit in my window. Thank You for treating my pets with such care as they pass from my arms to heaven.
    Blessed Be.
    Thank you Kindly from the bottom of my heavy heart.

  16. From the 1st phone call asking about there services, we knew this was the place. We arrived with Edward, they then brought us in a private room to talk about the what to expect. She showed us some complementarary urns. Which was a nice cedar box along with a engraved plate with Edward’s name dates and we added forever in our hearts. We also purchased one of there necklaces that contained his ashes. The wait wasn’t long as we picked him the next day. We highly recommend Forger Me Not Pet Crematory.

  17. Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana permalink

    November 3, 2014, we had to sadly say goodbye (for now) to our son, best friend, and world, Jackson. He developed a mass on his spleen that ruptured and was cancerous. It was the hardest and most difficult, emotional event we’ve ever had to experience. Words cannot even begin to touch the heartbroken, void, huge holes in our hearts that we feel about losing our beloved little man.

    He was certainly our world and we will forever cherish all the wonderful memories he made our lives better the past 14 and a half years. He was such a sweet, perfect little boy. Such a Momma’s boy that we lovingly would call “Velcro” at times. He will never be forgotten or replaceable, remembering all the times he loved to run loose in the fields, going for walks, laying in the sunbeams, barking at airplanes & the vacuum cleaner, playing with his late cousin, Izzy, being very content sleeping on our chest or laps.

    Our vet uses a place in Hollis, NH, but when my Mom sadly had to say goodbye to Izzy last year, I always knew this was the place. Kelly was fantastic, so compassionate and caring.

    Until we meet again, our handsome boy. We hope your playing with Izzy, scratching on the cabinet doors for treats, running, frolicking and happy. Momma’s love you & miss you terribly.

    Jackson Barlow-Lagana

  18. Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana permalink

    November 3, 2014, we had to sadly say goodbye (for now) to our son, best friend, and world, Jackson. He developed a mass on his spleen that ruptured and was cancerous. It was the hardest and most difficult, emotional event we’ve ever had to experience. Words cannot even begin to touch the heartbroken, void, huge holes in our hearts that we feel about losing our beloved little man. He was certainly our world and we will forever cherish all the wonderful memories he made our lives better the past 14 and a half years. He was such a sweet, perfect little boy. Such a Momma’s boy that we lovingly would call “Velcro” at times. He will never be forgotten or replaceable, remembering all the times he loved to run loose in the fields, going for walks, laying in the sunbeams, barking at airplanes & the vacuum cleaner, playing with his late cousin, Izzy, being very content sleeping on our chest or laps (all day would be fine with him 🙂

    Our vet uses a place in Hollis, NH, but when my Mom sadly had to say goodbye to Izzy last year, I always knew this was the place. Kelly was fantastic, so compassionate and caring.

    Until we meet again, our handsome boy. We hope your playing with Izzy, scratching on the cabinet doors for treats, running, frolicking and happy. Momma’s love you & miss you terribly.

    Jackson Barlow-Lagana

    Heather Barlow & Janet Lagana

  19. Karen & Antonio Claudio permalink

    My husband and I would like to thank you for all you have done for us.
    We lost our handsome little Chihuahua Elijah recently he was only just over a year old. Elijah went in for a routine procedure and he was gone.
    This has been such a heart breaking time for us.
    Now we carry Elijah in our hearts and thanks to you he is here with us where he belongs.
    The card with his paw prints on it and the beautiful poem everything is just so beautiful.
    Thank you so much for helping us to remember and honor Elijah.

  20. Leslie Courtemanche permalink

    I would like to tell you that when I received my Sweet Audrey’s cremains last week, I broke down. I adopted my long-haired Calico from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA and only had her for five years before she developed lymphoma just over a month ago. Seeing her so sick and then dying was absolutely horrible. She had been so healthy and playful and had that calico attitude that I love so much. She loved to eat so when she had no appetite, it was hard to see.
    I was a just in a terrible state, but have to tell you that receiving her cremains made me feel like I brought her home and that she’s with me. And receiving, quite unexpectedly, a packet of Forget Me Not seeds, and a beautiful paw print pin and that lovely poem, was very therapeutic for me. I cried and cried, but it helped. I miss my sweet girl so much, but at least I have these thoughtful things and the memories and pictures. Thank you

  21. Karol DeStefano permalink

    We recently lost our third “family member” yesterday. (over the course of three years) Each time Forget Me Not has been wonderful.

    We lost Fred from age and illness. This was a difficult decision for me as he was extremely special. He was a rescue so to speak from a person I have known most of my life. I took him from a very poor situation and gave Fred the life he so definitely deserved. His face so tensed and stressed over the years soften and enjoyed his new life. It was the best 15 years of his life!

    I know that he is with his son, our first to go, whole and happy again. Until we meet again at the Bridge…I love you.

  22. Diane Martin permalink

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Forget-Me-Not as you provide such a wonderful service but especially to Justine (who was the first person I spoke with), then Kelly & Tommy (who I had the pleasure of meeting as they helped me thru the difficult task of saying good bye to our best girl Blizzard).

    Blizzard was young & her illness was sudden & unexpected (we were in shock really) – you all were so kind and caring from start to finish – I am so very glad I came down to see her – it is something I will never forget – you took such great care of her – and again, I cannot thank you enough! I tried to put her picture up but for some reason couldn’t but she was a beautiful girl who was loved so much and will be missed forever.

    Diane Martin & Family

  23. Danielle permalink

    I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart…. it was so difficult to lose Gizmo after 14 years. He was such a good dog. Our Vet recommended you to us and I am so glad they did, you were so caring. Thank you!

  24. nadine houston dalo permalink

    Thank you Forget Me Not, for taking care of my little soldier boy, Cocoa. Sadly I had to say goodbye to him on Sept. 13, 2003 – he was 12. He was my best friend ever and is missed still. The cremains were returned within a week to my vet’s office and I was so happy he was home. They sent a lovely card and a little pack of forget me not flower seeds that just warmed my heart. Though my little man can never be replaced, Forget me not made the process much more comforting. Thanks again and I know how difficult losing your beloved pet is. Godspeed.

  25. Sandy Favara permalink

    We had to say Good-bye to our sweet boy Rudy on November 15th 2013, he was our baby, our friend and our motorcycle companion for almost eleven years. Looking back , it seems so short, not enough time for all the love we had for him and all that he had for us. He was a great traveler and Key West was one of his favorite places to go, going to many restaurants with us and sometimes even having his own chair to sit in, Our favorite, HardRock Cafe on Duval Street. We had many rides at Daytona for bike week and up north to Louden every year, he loved to ride as much as we did. We miss him so much but know we will see him someday on the other side. Thanks to everyone at Forget Me Not, especially Kelly for all that you did for us at such a hard time in our life. Bless you All.
    Gene & Sandy

  26. Brenda Barlow permalink

    We lost our sweet little yorkie poo Isabelle on 10/21/13. She was the love of my life, my constant companion, my buddy, for 14 1/2 years. She was with me through many difficult times and many fun times. Always there happy to see us, waiting so patiently for treats or a bite or two of whatever we were eating, taking it so gently from our hands. Such a sweet personality and loving way about her. She will never, ever be replaced. It was the hardest decision of my life to put her to sleep but I knew she was tired and had been fighting congestive heart failure for many months. We could not watch her suffer and have no quality of life. We are so grateful for the compassionate staff at Forget Me Not, especially Kelly. I could tell she felt my loss for Isabelle and what I was going through as much as if Isabelle were her pet. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to call these sweet animals pets. They are family members, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and respectful way in which Forget Me Not handled my little sweetheart.

  27. Joel Woolfson, DVM, DACVS permalink

  28. Joel Woolfson, DVM, DACVS permalink

    February 14, 2013

    As a veterinarian for over 30 years, too many times I have had the sad experience of saying goodbye to many of my patients as well as my own personal pets. Having personally dealt with many different pet memorial companies, I was fortunate to meet Ralph Brennan of Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory a few years ago. I have grown to know Ralph professionally and personally. He is a rare and genuinely good man.
    Two days ago I said the hardest goodbye of my life to my beautiful Chocolate Labrador, Annie. Ralph was right there for me and with me at this crucial time. He handled my Annie with the greatest kindness, compassion, sincerity, love and professionalism that I have ever experienced.
    There are other very good pet memorial services; I know of none that can come close to Forget-Me-Not. I am unable to recommend anyone other than Forget-Me-Not to my colleagues, friends and patients when they reach that terrible time of saying goodbye.
    Thank you Ralph and everyone at Forget-Me-Not for being a savior in our time of greatest need.

    Joel M. Woolfson, DVM, DACVS

  29. Susan permalink

    Mr. Lumpy died today. He was found in a dumpster about eight years ago behind the humane society and we took him home and gave him love. Lumpy deserved his name. He was a sweet cat who would lay like a lump in the middle of the floor, or on a stair, and you had to walk over or around him. He was pure black. He was beautiful. He was my shadow. Mr. Lumpy got sick about a year ago and we gave him his medication and were able to keep him happy. We knew our time with him was short but when my husband got up this morning and found Mr. Lumpy unable to walk, we knew that our time with him was nearly gone. We are having Mr. Lumpy cremated, sent back to the earth from where he came. He was an indoor cat, but truly the epitome of an alley cat in habit. I will miss Mr. Lumpy getting underfoot while I cooked, when I stepped out of the shower in the morning, and I will miss Mr. Lumpy taking his position on my pillow after I fell asleep. Good bye, Mr. Lumpy. You were my shadow.

  30. Jamie permalink

    As if it wasn’t hard enough to have to suddenly have to say goodbye to my Pepper-cat, who was taken suddenly due to an intestinal blockage. But then a custody battle erupted with my soon-to-be-ex husband over the cremains of Pepper. Forget-Me-Not Pet Crematory called me right away, seeing through the bluff. The staff have been kind, calm and understanding. They have kept me informed every step of the way and have made a horrible situation a little more bearable.

    I thank you from the bottom of my being, and I will recommend this crematorium to anyone I come across who is going through this unhappy process!

  31. Chris Frank permalink

    On January third of 2013 I had the horrible choice of putting my beloved Zippy(Pittbull/Shar-Pei mix) down. It was the hardest choice to make, she was by my side almost 24/7. It was for the best because of her old age she had trouble getting around, she wanted to do things that her body wouldn’t let her do anymore. I wana thank the staff at Forget Me Not for their quick response to my e-mail, and the excellent job they did. Also I’d like to thank Littleton Animal Hospital for their fourteen years of great vet care and putting up with Zippy. It’s gona be a long while to mend the sadness, she is and always will be missed.

    The Frank Family

  32. Connie Sullivan permalink

    I know you are at peace now. Running and having fun. You are missed so much. You were by my side at lonely times, sad times and when I was sick you laid next to me in the bed. You were always there. I miss you with me walking ever day. It’s hard not having you with me but you needed to rest. Your #1 Dog, the best chocolate Lab ever. I’m glad you were mine. You made me feel so safe at night. I’m trying to get use to you not meeting me at the door. You were the best. You please me all the time. My heart aches with out you. You gave me the best love ever. I’ll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then, love and miss you. Love Mommy

    04/23/2003 – 11/17/2012

  33. Kelly Ann permalink

    Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the respect, love and easily detected dedication of the staff at Forget-Me-Not pet crematory. About three weeks ago my family and I put our beautiful cat Buffy to sleep as she had suffered a major stroke and would not be able to recover from the extensive neurological damage. Buffy was a gift when I was 14 years old and has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. As this was my first experience with having a pet in such perilous condition I was overwhelmed with what to do and where to seek assistance and was lucky enough to have a pet facility who takes care of the arrangements. We opted to have Buffy cremated and the phenomenal Bulger E.R. works with the pet crematory to make the process so simple during such a distressing time. My sole responsibility was to call this pet crematory, Forget-Me-Not, to address any specific want for Buffy’s arrangements and to pay the balance which was completed over the phone. I deeply appreciated the variety of available options and extremely reasonable prices of all services and also appreciated being able to handle the necessary details via phone as I live almost an hour away & was already feeling stressed thinking how I could find the time to pick up my cat as well as feelings of anxiety/dread in having to walk into the crematory and request Buffy’s remains. The woman I spoke to was professional and extremely helpful as well as genuinely compassionate with true empathy of such a devastating situation we were facing as pet owners. Buffy passed away on a Wednesday night; her body was picked up from the ER the very next morning and her ashes were returned back to the ER only 4 days after we lost Buffy in the physical sense. Forget-Me-Not placed Buffy’s ashes in a beautiful, simple, cedar urn and provided us with a beautiful poem: The Rainbow Bridge which is a heartfelt version of heaven for all beloved pets to go to where they stay, playing happily until you arrive and can re-assemble the family love and relationship for eternity. I truly feel that this pet crematory and it’s staff went above and beyond in their efforts to provide Buffy, myself and my family the absolute best possible closure in regards to the physical, emotional & mental pain caused by the loss of a pet. Though we continue to grieve the loss of our beautiful and spoiled, “Brat-Cat” Buffy, we were so blessed to have such a wonderful and capable ER team and after-life assistance of arrangements. The apparent love and drive each person puts into their profession provides solace and peace within my heart where there is an empty space previously filled by Buffy.
    Thank you.

  34. Bill French, Sr. permalink

    I would like to thank Mr. Don Fulton and his staff – I couldn’t have asked for a more respectful and caring group of people to help me with my Dog Brady. Brady was the sweetest, most lovable dog and my best companion for over 10 years. His gentle disposition made him loved by all who had the pleasure to know him. If I had to rate Forget-Me-Not on a scale of 1 – 10 they would be a solid 10 or above – I cannot express enough the appreciation I have for Mr. Fulton and his staff for how they handled Brady and for the comfort they provided me.

    On another note – For anyone who has lost a pet, whether it be a small animal, cat or dog, I suggest you read a wonderful novel by Garth Stein – “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. I believe it will help anyone understand the process of an old friend as they grow old and frail and are passing.

    Lastly – I would like to thank Brady for all his love and companionship and for truly being man’s best friend. His presence will be sorely missed.

    With love,

    Danielle, Cammie, Scotty, Jake and William, Jr.

  35. Victoria Nadel permalink

    I lost my best friend, my pack mate, my heart and soul, Alibi, on June 10, 2012. Don picked him up and was very kind in his concern for me, his interest in Alibi’s life and his compassion for this loss. I had no idea what to expect when I arranged for a private cremation.

    The staff at Forget Me Not had him peacefully placed on a table with a pillow under his head. I was overwhelmed to see him one last time – it was very meaningful and moving for me. I witnessed every step along the way and was comforted by the very caring people, and most especially the lovely animals. Being greeted upon arrival by Bonzo and Faith brought a smile to my face and Vinnie’s company while I waited was much appreciated.

    While it will take much time and sorrow to move on after the loss of so wonderful a friend and my constant companion, I am very grateful to everyone at Forget Me Not for their kindness and respect for our special bond and for the depth of this loss.

  36. Terri Palmer permalink

    Our boy, Rudy (affectionately referred to as “Rudy-Kazoo” was a long-time family member (almost 15 years). I’m sorry that we kept waiting for God to take you and when he didn’t and you began to suffer, we made one of the hardest decisions of our life. I know that you, Buddy, Carmen, and Mackey-Boy will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I’ll see you in my dreams. I Love you.

  37. Jan Hussey permalink

    Knowing you will be the last to lay eyes upon our LuLu (Bailey), we are comforted by the words of all the testimonials here. She was with us for 14 years, and we will miss her with all our hearts. Jan & Dan Hussey

    • Terri Palmer permalink

      What an adorable face…. I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁

  38. Mike Barbera permalink

    Our dog Bogart of 11 years passed away on 4 April. We were away on vacation when it happened which made a difficult situation even more unbearable. Once the post mortem was conducted at the vets, Bogart was moved to Forget Me Not. We contacted them upon our return from vacation. We were assured that he was in good hands and that we would be able to see him prior to cremation. After making an appointment, we went to see him yesterday. They had him lying on a table in a nice quiet room with a pillow under his head and covered by his favorite blanket looking very peaceful. It was wonderful to get a chance to see him one last time and have a chance to say good bye especially since we weren’t around when he passed. We chose not to witness the creamtion but it is an option. They gave us a very nice complimentary urn made or cedar to take home with us.
    I cannot say enough about the compassion and professionalism that Ralph and his staff showed us the entire time we were there. It was heart warming. They showed how much they respected the pets and their families and the difficult time they were going through. He is an animal lover first and a businessman second. He took the time to explain everything and was more interested in how we were doing than anything else. I never once felt rushed or pressured.
    I have heard many stories in the past about businesses praying on the emotions of pet owners during this difficult time. Not here, not ever. You are quoted a reasonable price for their service and there are no hidden costs, no high pressure sales just genuine concern. We even got a chance to play with Bonzo the resident pooch that’s very friendly.
    I would recommend Ralph and his business to anyone.
    Thank you to Forget Me Not and their entire staff.

    Susan and Mike Barbera

  39. Barb and Buzz Rouillard permalink

    In January, our precious kitty, Callie, became suddenly very ill, and we had to put her to sleep. It broke our hearts. We came to your crematory after being told by my daughter and her boyfriend how wonderful and caring you all were. IT IS SO TRUE. Thank you for your kindness, caring, and hugs, and tender care you took of Callie. Thank you to Vincent for his love and funny ways. Because of meeting him, we adopted a very lovable Maine Coon named Munchie!
    I grieve over the loss of my sweet friend, Callie. But, Munchie is helping me heal. Thank you especially to Kelly who greeted us on Saturday, and to Sarah for your kindness on the phone. God Bless you all. Sincerely,Barb and Buzz Rouillard

  40. Christina Bates permalink

    I wanted to say thank you very much for taking care of my cat Booba. You folks went beyond the call for me. I was very much touched to open up my package and to see you were able to take a paw print of my baby girl.

    I will definately recommend your business to any person looking for the best crematory for animals.

  41. Crystal carrington permalink

    My family and I lost our cat oliver of 13 years to lymphoma on june 1st 2011. He was a very unique cat, always playful and always wanting to eat. He loved to sit with us while watching tv. Even though he was 13 he acted like hewas still a kitten, always running around crazily and meowing at us for attention. He is and was an amazing cat who will always be loved deeply amd missed dearly. We love you Oli! May you rest in peace.

  42. Amy Finkel permalink

    My very very best friend.You were always there when I needed you.You were always there for Grammy.
    Grammy misses you so much-
    I miss our walks,our time together.I miss you sleeping on my bed.Even if you did take up the whole bed.
    I miss you dressing up in one of many beautiful sweaters,you were so fashionable.You were Shellee.
    Now you are in heaven,helping God.He needed you more.
    You do not have any more pain,no more medications.Now you can run free
    of pain.I can see you running,and your ears are flapping in the wind.That is my grand dog Shellee.
    I’ll miss your special smile,but I will miss you the most.
    You’ll always be in my heart forever and ever.
    I love you so much Shelleebelly.My love for you will never end.
    God Bless You my sweet sweet love.
    Grammy loves you to no end.
    I love you-Grammy

  43. Roland (Nina) Silva permalink

    Nina was the most important thing in our lives. She had a really tough roll of the dice for such a little dog with a heart and soul beyond measure. When we lost her on 10-10-10 at only 5 years old we were beyond devastated. The only thing that made it bearable was the care and love that forget me not gave Nina and us. They were so unbelievable in their treatment of Nina and us. They went way beyond the highest standards of business professionalism into a whole new area of compassion, dignity and respect. In every single aspect they had put empathy and personal dedication into making sure that everything was perfect. Due to her surgeries should could not go to the groomers for the past 8 weeks and they had her looking like the beautiful princess that she was. She looked perfect like she was just sleeping. Thank you all there for making the most painful time in our lives so much more peaceful and for giving Nina all the love she deserved. No words can express out love and thankfulness.

  44. nicole permalink

    tiki was my baby and she was hit by an suv a few weeksago and she went down hill. she was one of the most amazing dogs i ever had ,, tiki was fun loving and acted like a cat, not a dog, so funny. but she was the best thing that happend to our family.. i took her to the anmial hosptail and they said forget me not was the best and they have been so nice and i feel i can rest at ease because of them ..

  45. Sandy Easley permalink

    Miss Lily was our muched loved 13 yr. old Yorkie. She was pretty fiesty in her attitude and loved by all who met her. We always thought we’d bury her beside dogs we’d lost in the past but somehow knew we wanted her indoors. From the time we contacted Forget Me Not everyone was professional but compassionate. We took Lily down on a Saturday afternoon and we were greeted by Don.It was the first time since she died that I felt peaceful. Don has a way about him that is gentle & caring. I knew right away Lily was in good hands.I will forever be indebted to Forget Me Not for making a very painful process palatable. I highly recommend this clean,caring facility to bring you comfort at your time of loss. Thank-you again Don for your comforting words. Sandy Easley

  46. Veronika Metcalfe permalink

    Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to Forget-Me-Not. My daughter’s five year old Yorkie, Rocky, was lost in a tragic accident on Thursday, August 5, 2010. His loss has left a gaping hole in the hearts of every member of our family. It is hard to imagine a dog more loved than Rocky. He had a very special relationship with each family member but especially Dani. Rocky was Dani’s anchor. In 2005 Dani was very ill. Rocky came into her life and was the focus of her healing.She became his “Mama” and he her “Boy”.

    Feeling the need to keep busy and desperate to find a way to best handle this beloved pet’s remains in a manner that reflected the impact his short life left on our family, I searched online and, thank goodness, found Forget-Me-Not. When I called, Sarah was wonderful in helping me understand the process and options. She acknowledged and recognized my pain. The weekend was soon coming and she took it upon herself to see if an alternative to waiting could be arranged. (thank you Sarah!). A private cremation was scheduled for 10:30am on Saturday.On August 7, 2010, with family and friends, we arrived at Forget-Me-Not and were greeted by Don. With the utmost kindness and compassion, Don acknowledged our pain and allowed Dani as much time as she needed to say her goodbye. Don is a true animal lover and his visible concern for us, especially for Dani, was deeply touching (I saw those tears in your eyes, Don.). You are truly a special person, Don, and have found your calling. Thanks also to Bonzo, who very sweetly kept us company and, at times, added a little comic relief.

    Thank you for all of your help in taking the first step in our healing process.

    Veronika Metcalfe

  47. Glenn Murphy permalink

    We lost our beloved Golden Retriever Montana this past Saturday. Our veterinary hospital that we have been going to for close to 30 years highly recommended Forget-me-Not. Ralph and Sarah and everyone at Forget-me-Not were very kind and compassionate. I was able to see Montana one final time in a private room where I could say my final goodbye before the cremation process. I will always have dogs in my life and although I do not want to see the good people at Forget-me-Not for a long time I will certainly go back when the time comes so I can once again say goodbye to another beloved pet in a dignified manner and in a caring setting.

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